Friday, February 12, 2021

Driving on Thursday

Off we went for another drive, same general area, but with a focus on the mental note we'd made of places to return to.  So, we turned left just before the MAGA sign. So curious that the terrain was both similar and not. There was so many birds this time. 

Crows ~ Scrub Jays ~ Hawks ~ some kind of Finches ~ Quails ~ Ostriches (again)

There were many very small ground squirrels and we saw one lizard (although I'm sure there were tons more!) ☺

Can you see them?
Look now, here ⤵
There were deer!
Middle of nowhere!

Walking out on the road, the air was nice and cool...a breeze was whistling through the trees.

It was so quiet.


As we traveled on, we marveled at the amount of mostly dead trees. Space after space, filled with them. Dead trees with hanging hunks of mistletoe! Some long ago fire out here. Everywhere we travel - time told by layered fire damage.

We came to a "T" in the road, turning left landed us on the Old Ridge Route Road. Supposedly passable, we lasted about the first couple of miles clattering about, before turning around. The view were amazing, again. Somewhere in all of that expanse, is the 5 freeway, running North/South through California!

Here's a great link, showing part of this road:


If you scroll down to the road sign, then to the sign above, you can see some of the rickety road and much grander views than my camera will capture (we only went a bit further past the maintained road section). And you can see the map too. We covered a lot of that country. San Francisquito Cay Rd. Elizabeth Lake Road - Lancaster Road - Old Ridge Route Road - Bouquet Canyon Road on and on...more and more roads...through as many 'towns' Green Valley - Elizabeth Lake - Neenach - Quartz Hill - Pamdale - Saugus...from city to small town to mountain to dessert to agricultural areas to...

You get the idea!

The sage smelled so good! It is such a heart scent for me.

Here is a great link I just found about the dam breaking that I recently posted about here.
It's hard to really get a good visualization, but I'm having fun trying! 

I've been enjoying these drives and then the researching and documentation here.
I've felt a need to mark these moments in time, this time, even if I only leave this story behind for me.
Stories are important.
⟲     ⟳

“I would ask you to remember only this

one thing,” said Badger.

“The stories people tell have a way of

taking care of them.  If stories come to

you, care for them.  And learn to give

them away where they are needed. 

Sometimes a person needs a story more

than food to stay alive.  That is why we

put these stories in each other’s memory. 

This is how people care for themselves. 

One day you will be good storytellers. 

Never forget these obligations.”

-Barry Lopez

Crow and Weasel


May you embrace and share the stories of your life.

Photographs by NAE ©2021


Marti said...

"May you embrace and share the stories of your life".

Yesterday afternoon, R's cell phone rang. He is hard of hearing and has had difficulty over the years talking on the phone. A few years ago he had surgery to have a cochlear implant and over time, wearing a blue tooth device that is synced to his implant, it has gotten easier for him to use his phone. The call yesterday was from one of his remaining siblings, his brother J who is 84 and lives in Las Vegas. R was one of eight children and now there are 3 left; R, his brother J and his sister C.

R and his brother talk maybe once every couple of years so this was a surprising and very long call, over an hour and a half. I could hear laughter and I could hear R telling stories of getting lost in the family's corn fields, of ice fishing, of boy scout outings in Minnesota where he was born. R was the youngest child and was orphaned when his parents died, within months of each other, when he was 3.

Yesterday was a spectacular, caring day for R. He didn't say much when the call ended, he is a man of few words, but there was a lightness to his being that wrapped around him like a quilt, a quilt made up of the memories and stories of family...

Liz A said...

sharing the stories of our lives ... what we do in this ether-real space ... how fortunate we are

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this is so Beauty Fully told, Nancy....not only the views of
this Vast Expanse, but your love of it comes through so so
strong. Thank you so much

Nancy said...

Marti~ What a wonderful story this is. I can imagine every bit, especially the resulting quilt wrapped around R.
I can see it in my mind's eye because I could have told a so similar story of J. This is something to hang onto, this story of yours - 'more than food'. Thank you for sharing it here. :)

Liz~ Indeed we are. I'm always aware of this point. xo

Grace~ It is so beauty full up there, even in its dryness and fire damage. I have been thinking of you on these explorations...the oaks, the cottonwoods especially could be on your hill, so far North from me. I feel close to you because of that. (((hugs)))

Marti said...

And just to say that I know Saugus and the surrounding areas because R's brother J and his family lived in Saugus for many years. We spent Thanksgiving in Saugus with them for many years and took a few summer vacations there as well.

When R and I got married, justice of the peace in Reno, NV, his family held a welcome to the family dinner at J's home in Saugus and I met three brothers, 2 sisters, a brother in law and 2 sister in laws- could have been overwhelming but I was a feisty thing so I was prepared...prepared because we sent our wedding announcements and I used my legal unmarried name, Juanita Martinez aka Marti. Heard from the grapevine that one of R's sisters moaned about the fact that R had gone and married another "spic"!. See two of my sister in laws had Spanish roots as well...! talk about a family story!

Nancy said...

Marti~ Wow! The connections continue! When I moved back to CA from NV - where my kids were born (daughter in Reno)...I lived in Saugus for many years! Crazy, right?!

Deb G said...

What a beautiful quote by Barry Lopez. I want to hold on to that one. Thank you for sharing your day.

Nancy said...

Deb~ It is one of my favorites. Our sharing here, in our spaces, where we visit one another...sustains. Be well.

Hazel said...

What a loving often you trigger fond long ago memories, thank you. I really like your phrase "heart scent" and wish I could smell that sage, too. Quite strange and lovely to be looking at your blue skies and plant life as the window in front of me is filled with snowy trees. Somewhere I have a signed copy of Crow & Weasel from meeting Barry Lopez at a bookseller's conference WAY back when.

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Aw, I'm glad I trigger memories for you, all sweet ones I hope. Heart scent seemed to be the best way to describe how this scent is such a part of me. I have heart sounds too :) Yes, I've been seeing your snow! Amazing! It's cooler here today, but no snow!! lol Lucky you to have met him and have a signed copy. I usually read it once a year or so.