Thursday, February 11, 2021


Dis - jointed

A good description in many respects. I feel like many of my posts read/feel that way. Part of it is I have so little to contribute these days. Being home, when I'm used to going out and being a worker is so different for me. But, now it is normal. What is normal anymore?

Motivation for the needle only arises now and again - and only for the word cloth. I have added a new word, which was considered for some time. I think what really fascinates me, what I really like is both how the words come to me on their own and how the meaning of each one ebbs and flows over the days/weeks...the meanings are so fluid, within the general meaning. I have a sense of not 'trying' to capture some big, deep, grand thought. The words come to be considered and I do. Then if they feel right, I stitch them. That's it. Period. I'm also practicing not putting specific thought into the placement, kind of 'where will the length of this word fit?' That's it. In doing so, I've noticed the words land near complimentary words, so the ideas expand & talk to each other.

I added some green-ish stitching to SAFE, because safe is ongoing. I've got a couple of other words percolating. We'll see where/if they land.

As I go, I'll continue the attempt to ignore elements that are not appealing, aesthetically (yes, the uphill climb of MATTERs still doesn't 'look good' to me, but I'm trying for good enough). I wonder when/how I will know that I'm done with this cloth, this holder of words & symbols? I wonder what a cluttered mess it will look like?


 Thanks go out to Liz for the recent surprise gift, including the book I wrote about back in August: White Snake Diary

I read it rather quickly (for me!) and have been reflecting on the reading and on diaries themselves ever since. At this point I'm thinking about the photos, illustrations etc. I really like those included, as they fill out the story so nicely. I've considered how the early entries in a child's voice tell much more than I'd considered before. Also interesting to me was her inclusion of a spattering of professional writings/notes/letters. Being that those writings were in the field of Early Childhood field as well. Interesting. She is a retired researcher, something I've always considered a direction I'd have liked to go. I love observing children (and everything else!). I'll leave it there for now, but I will offer to share it with anyone who would like to read, just as Liz so generously shared with me.

 Unrelated: While we were watching an old episode of Andy Griffith, my ears pricked up when Andy tells little Opie to stop pulling the 'horse hairs out of his lapel'. What? Off I go to research and low and behold, I discover the "floating canvas". I never knew!


Happy February to all!

May your heart be full with the love of others

May your heart be full of self love

May your heart be full


Photographs by J ©2021



CF said...

Of course there's a word for that! I always wondered what one would call that structural bit in a well-tailored jacket or coat, but I would never have figured out how to even find its name. Floating canvas/full canvas - I've run across many of those while taking apart some found garment from an estate sale in order to remodel the garment or just scavenge the fabric. Thanks for the word of my week!

Nancy said...

CF~ Yes, who knew?! It sure is fun when that happens...and when you can share!

Liz A said...

rather than dis-jointed I find your posts to be well-articulated ... many parts cunningly joined into a wonderful whole-ness

love the idea that the book might travel ... perhaps you should make some notes within it to send on to the next reader (and regretting that I didn't think to do that as I read it ... maybe next time)

and I peered closely at "listen" ... seeing where you started and ended each letter, how you dotted the "i" and crossed the "t" ... looking forward to seeing how "safe" is going

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

full hearts, yes.

Nancy said...

Liz~ Oh, thank you...I'm glad I can communicate something here! I'm glad you like the idea of the book traveling and note making...Mmmm...
Safe, is ongoing for sure.

Grace~ And you have been much in my heart these days. xo