Friday, December 4, 2020

Two Left

This beautiful example of "Temari" was given to me many years ago,

by a parent of a child in my class. She made two, one of them for me. 

In considering it today, I decided to learn a bit more. You can do that too, right here.

Such a beautiful, intricate art. 

You can learn to make them too, there are 
books and videos for that!
I have to say, I would never have the patience for this!
If you do your own search, I'm sure you will be amazed at all of the gorgeous designs!

This all led to thoughts of number two. 
The last of two ornaments I've got (that I can think of). 
Most have been passed on to my children or close family friends. Many of the Hallmark ones were sold, when I was doing that on FB.


This one was given to me by a very dear friend. Isn't it pretty?
 Here's some of the story:
Isn't that a fun story?
At about 1 inch big, mine is indeed bauble sized!  The teeny star reminds me of the "folded star" potholder I made years ago, as a young wife, but I don't think I could work this tiny!

Today I enjoyed these stories and memories of days gone by.

May you enjoy your old stories.
May you make new ones.
May the season hold you in love.
Photographs by NAE ©2020



Marti said...

Especially this time of year, the memories held in the ritual of Christmas decorating go right to the heart. Retelling the stories of Christmas past is part of the magic of the season.

Don't have many ornaments anymore as I gave the glass ball ornaments with their colorful rippled interiors, the Santas and elves, the little cardboard glittered houses with tiny trees and churches, the red metallic bells that belonged to my parents, to our girls. My parents loved decorating for Christmas and my dear Dad would always get the biggest tree that he could afford. He would flock it with fake snow, and bedecked it with lots of colored lights then my Mom, sister and I would decorate...the shimmer of flinging tinsel is such a happy memory;it always seemed to me to be a waterfall of joy on our tree. Do they even make tinsel anymore?

My Mom would beautifully decorate our dining room table with candles and flowers, rotating the color of the tablecloth weekly from red to green. One week, we would have a red cloth tablecloth,the corners embroidered with red poinsettias and the next week,out would come the green tablecloth, each corner would have an embroidered Christmas tree complete with ornaments and stars. The dining room table was reserved for special meals, we ate our regular meals at our kitchen table but during the month of December, every dinner was in the dining room.

Every morning our Dad would make us cafe con leche, coffee with milk, put the coffee in Santa face mugs, sometimes we would have a slice of Pannetone to go with it. Once in a while, he would sneak us a piece of Torrone, the Spanish and Italian nougat candy that was so much a part of our Christmas. I say sneaked us a piece because our Mom frowned on us having candy for breakfast!

We had a screened porch in the front of our home and every year I would draw and paint on large cardboard, a winter scene and my Dad would affix a spotlight that rotated colors on my creation. One Christmas eve, my Dad, who was a janitor at our high school, the local drug store and the Bank of America, brought home a 6 ft cardboard Santa that had decorated the Bank of America's lobby. The bank manager thought that my sister and I would love our very own "Santa" so of course, Santa stayed in our outdoor porch for many a Christmas.

Liz A said...

the intricacy is amazing on both of them, but the bauble especially ...

Marti said...

Well bah humbug, was just over at Dee's and read your comment about Covid detected at your place...jeez, please, you and J stay as safe as you can be. Are you in one of the counties that is in CA lockdown? If not, maybe one way to not go stir crazy would be to pack a picnic lunch, jump in the car and go for a drive to your usual wonderful places. Get out, if no one is around, and just breathe...

Nancy said...

Marti~ You are such a wealth of stories! I bet if you copied all of your comments into a document, it would make a great book for your family! Your holiday memories are especially lovely. I have not decorated/done anything much for years now. Kids so far away and such. Christmas pretty much went with them and completely gone when my mama died. But, we do light the Menorah each year.

Liz~ It is amazing how nimble craftspeople can be!

Nancy said...

Marti~ Yes, we are...have been very careful, and now even more so. Is that possible? Ha. I too thought of getting out, but feel concern about waling through the closed in hallways. Who knows who passed before me and what they left hanging in the air! Everyone is supposed to wear a mask, but...
Yes, our area of the state may go back to harsher shut-downs. we'll see what happens next. (((hugs)))

Marti said...

Nancy, funny that you mentioned a book: a few years ago, I created a very loosely defined book with photos from my childhood Christmas's and a story to go with each photo. It was a gift for my grandchildren and they loved it as well as their parents.

Hazel said...

Such detailed exacting work in these treasures, not at all up my alley! The courting story is sweet, and loved Marti's memories. Wishing you safety & joy!

Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) it's the Silly Season & the New Year is just around the corner, x fingers things start settling down with the Covid vaccine coming soon & a new president very soon!

Nancy said...

Marti~ Haha, of course I would suggest a book, I always seem to! But, truly, you have so many great family stories that if you write them "in your voice" as only you can, as the great story teller you are, they are bound to end up...long treasured!

Hazel~ Thank you and you as well! And I agree, not my alley either!

Mo~ Yes, thanks. It's not good when Silly gets scary! Happy Season to you, as well!

Deb G said...

So beautiful, all the more so for being a gift. :)

Was thinking of you as I read the news this morning... I know you are taking care. Sending love...

Nancy said...

Deb~ Yes, gifts are grand! I'm being very careful! (((hugs)))