Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Last Night of Hanukkah ~ Night #8

 Happy Hanukkah on the 8th night!

Come on in to our last open house.

9 candles burning bright!

Do you remember this song?

I remember when it first came out and everyone (including me) thought it was so funny!

A little photo fun, Deb inspired 

Funny how much all the wax debris shows up in the B&W version!


 I really wanted a beautiful adult version of the song below. But, perhaps it is just as appropriate to use this one, as it was one of my favorites as a young girl.

I loved the way the music changes, swings from solemn history to joyous celebration.

I loved the sense of belonging.

 While getting out the last needed candle, I noticed that we do still have one last dreidle! 

A beautiful wooden one. We gave it a few spins ☺

The night included sweet gifts from "the kids" (as my Daddy used to say)

Homemade cookies, books and a 2021 calendar - now there's hope for the future!

Look at that face!

May you anticipate the coming light of the Solstice

May you welcome hope in the new year

May you keep your eye on things that matter


Photographs by NAE ©2020


Hazel said...

Happy Hanukkah, Nancy! Love the joy filled photo of Orlo. The last song brings back a memory of playing Anne Frank my senior year, in the play I had to sing the beginning of the song alone...I was always so nervous, but once the rest of the cast joined in it was a powerful moment.

Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) love seeing all your candles lit for Hanukkah! x fingers 2021 brings lots of hope and love and joy for everyone!

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Oh, that must have been something! I love the melody of intention when they sings: And while we are playing the candles are burning low. Such a blend of party and history. xo

Mo~ Oh gosh yes! Cross fingers, toes, whatever! xo

Marti said...

Dear Nancy, it has been such a joy to be invited into your home and be with you and J as you celebrate Hanukkah. To share our lives with each other, telling our stories, sharing our traditions of rituals, food, music, is to give an endearing gift of love and connection. I loved the children's video and as a result when they sang of dancing the Hora, I stopped the video and looked up this dance on the web. Imagine my surprise to know that I have danced a similar dance to this special circle dance when I have attended Greek festivals. In the video that I watched on you tube, the music was to Hava Nagilla. What was fascinating to learn was that in dancing the Hora, the right palm is up, the left palm is down. So I resumed the video and did a little circle dance with palms placed correctly.

Thank you for inviting us into your home and may the glow from your nine candles continue to provide you both with peace and blessings as we move into Winter Solstice and the coming new year.

Liz A said...

homemade cookies = food is love

Nancy said...

Liz~ 4 sure!!

Nancy said...

Marti~ I love this story of you dancing! I didn't think to add links for that, but I will now, here:

Hava Nagila:

With words:

I couldn't really find the version I wanted, but this one has the frenzied music I like :)

You are right, sharing our stories is an important part of life!

Liz A said...

I remember singing Hava Nigila in our elementary school glee club (we had an awesome music teacher and did the holiday program in four-part harmony) ... and then dancing to Hava Nigila at our wedding ... I smile at the memories

Nancy said...

Liz~ How wonderful for you to have such a fine music teacher! My son & DIL danced the Hora to Hava Nigila at their wedding. Such joy!

Deb G said...

Thank you so much for sharing your traditions for this time of year! It's made my month brighter and more joyful... Sending you much love!

Nancy said...

Deb~ You are so welcome. Thank you for the inspiration (I am still thinking of that bell of yours!) Be well