Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Open House ~ 6th Night

 Welcome to our 6th night of open houses!

The Menorah is looking brighter and brighter each night.

Again tonight, our hearts and bellies are full.

We had a gift of sweets to open after the candles were lit and boy, did we enjoy that!

That popcorn was way better than I was expecting and J enjoyed tasting the Rugelach.

Thanks to my friend and those that have sent other mail to us. 

That sure is a mood lifter these days.


Today I got to see the decorations in the lobby.

Around here they usually do the Fall/Winter holidays.


But, no Hanukkah. Last year I added  a Hanukkah greeting on the little chalkboard near the gathering room. This year, I wouldn't bother.

Anyway, the decorations made me chuckle.

 It looks like someone hung poor Santa!

The cute North Pole couple on the way to the elevator.

The gathering room, all closed down due to covid.

My neighbor across the hall hangs goodies every Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


 Well  folks, that's it for tonight...no song, book or video.

I spent lots of time watching Natives React videos and arguing with my computer.

So that is my wish for tonight,


May you enjoy the good, gifted from others

May you enjoy the good, even if you have to untangle it from other stuff 

May you enjoy the good, wherever you may find it
















Photographs by NAE ©2020


Marti said...

Gifts of food are my favorite this time of the year but this year, homemade food gifts are not happening; that is not to say that bought and packaged food is not a thrill to receive. Nancy your sweets look so tempting and anything with chocolate is so good.

One of my most favorite holiday foods is Panettone, the Italian Christmas fruit bread. I've never attempted baking one but I did grow up with homemade Panettone, given to us every year by our Italian friends. It would not be Christmas without Panettone. It is such a festive gift to give, wrapped up in colorful paper or in special cloth and ribbon. This year our daughter Shelley sent us a glorious Panettone, made in Italy, and it will be our Winter Solstice breakfast.

Liz A said...

whenever I need to find goodness, I can always count on finding it here ...

popcorn and M&Ms (among other things) ... took me back to high school house parties when the parents were away ...

thanks for the grins

Nancy said...

Marti~ Yes, homemade treats are so good! My EX's Grandma used to 'bake' at the holidays giving us a tin of cookies every Christmas...some random recycled tin filled with a variety of cookies and a few candies thrown in too. I especially remember the colorful minty ones! Ooh how I loved those. My friend used to send us her homemade Magic Bars, loved those too (Are you noticing a theme here?!) One year, I gave her mom some Panettone, store bought of course! But I don't remember tasting it :) Enjoy your Winter Solstice treat.

Liz~ I am trying to cut back on treats, but how can I resist a treat from a friend?! I keep telling J. Okay, you can have the rest :) And don't get me started on HS parties...Oy!!