Tuesday, February 12, 2019

MOVING ~ Three Steps Forward

...and one or two steps back!

Oh man
Oh man

This moving, is hard.

My stomach was acting up a bit, so I was home today.
Great, a weekday to make phone calls.
AT&T...25 minutes later, speaking to someone in another country 
(so some communication barriers)
...after going through EVERY step to turn my service off,
she tells me to "call back to turn it off".
After a tooth pulling, Who's on first? type dialog...
I finally get her to explain that they will shut it off the day you call.

So, I hung up to call back on the appropriate day.


The girl who made a plan with me on FB to buy my washer and dryer...
messaged me back to say that, NO she needs a stack unit after all.
The first girl never even replied after I answered her questions.
Really?  My gosh, at $25 buck each, let's just get it done!


Southern California Edison stopped their: Pick up your old, used 
energy hog fridge and give you $50 bucks program "years ago" I was informed. 

Okay then.


Trying to sell a few pieces of antique furniture...
so far the two shops I've had conversations with have not emailed or called me back.
I have no idea where we stand on this.
These pieces need to go, yesterday!


All things posted on FB have had zero luck.


Place a few misc. items out front  for FREE!
All went really quickly, except the infamous
This chair I've tried to get rid of several times before, 
with no luck.
Today...the FREE sign worked!!!
45 minutes later it was gone!!!

And then it was BACK!
Someone actually picked it up and brought it back!
Who does this? 

My neighbor thought it was super funny.
Nice gal.  Not.
I won't even go into that.


There is more, but I've even bored myself tonight.

Man, I'll be glad when this is done.


So, now for something far nicer.
After years of work and procrastination and whatever,
I've finally finished and mailed the cloth to 
Wendy and her Travel Show for Children!

The last thing I added was one of Jude's moons.
Can you see the dark rust spots leading to it?
They represent the highway from years back...
On my way home from my job North, my Big Commute.
after rounding a slight curve, at a slight rise in the hill...
I see the full moon ahead of me...
Blood red and I swear it was sitting 
on the end of the highway, where it met the freeway.
The moon was low and huge and the most amazing color I've ever seen.
I actually gasped and cried 
It was that truly awesome

I added a ring around the moon,
because I've seen some amazing one recently.
ONe just a couple of weeks back,
the biggest, furthest from the moon ring I've ever seen.

And also, because that sweet little lullaby,
"I will draw a ring around the moon..."
When my daughter was a toddler, her super nice and cool
Gymboree teacher would close the session with a small group experience
It involved a lit candle in the center of the circle
and he would play his guitar and sing a soft song.
Sometimes, he'd have us move to gather by the piano 
where he would play and sing this song.
I'd hold my girl and sway gently back and forth to the music at the end of the night.

It seems like a lifetime ago, yet this song, this image of us together, 
this feelings invoked by this simple ritual have lasted this lifetime.
I remember that girl.

Gifts for Wendy's kids or Wendy or...

May your days allow for moving past the crap and into the sweetness.

Photographs by NAE ©2019


Mo Crow said...


Liz A said...

Oh, I remember this cloth ... and the story of the red moon gave me chills. What a wonderful memory to hold forever ...

Nancy said...


Liz~ It was really something! I'll never forget, the photos are in my head for all time :) This cloth has already been a good friend to me all this time, may it be so for Wendy & tribe.

Dana said...

I, too, feel the power of your moon. I'm glad your cloth has been available to balance the irritations of moving.

Nancy said...

Dana~ Oh, I'm so glad the moon spoke to you too! The move was a great motivator to get this cloth done and a pause in the storm.

jude said...

I learn from you...

Nancy said...

Jude~ I'm not sure how or what, but thanks and I do know we learn from each other. xo

deemallon said...

you not only moved past the crap to sweetness, you achieved the sublime, the mystical even. I love how all this disruption, and chaos, and stress, led somehow to this cloth flying off to Wendy. It feels so right.

Nancy said...

Dee~ I am so grateful for the final push this move caused! Even though this cloth for Wendy's kids was on the top of my list for 2019...I'm pretty sure I would have procrastinated past February!! xo