Saturday, March 24, 2018

Next in the Mail

These two will be heading off in the mail next week.  They are my contribution to

Please head over to the link and check out the pages of information.  You may be inspired to make two X's of your own.

I made the bottom one first, using the removable cross stitch fabric.  I chose this method because I like cross-stitch and this was a way to put it here on the muslin.  Plus if you imagine a couple of O's with them...well, you've got hugs and kisses!  As I worked, many thoughts floated around in my head.  I thought of many people I know/knew who may have gotten those XX's placed on their medical charts.  In thinking of them, I considered how many lives they would touch.  How each person deemed not worthy of living was loved by many.  Many little X's make up the bigger ones.  Every life touches another.  Every life is made up of many who love that person deeply.  As in other projects, I wrapped the XX's in the blanket stitch, my symbol for a loving hug and sense of security.

finger paint XX's
The second set I made was created using what I think of as my finger paint fabric.  Bought on a road trip in 2010, one in a set of many colors, it has always reminded me of the finger paint art of young children.  I've known many children over the years, children who may have had XX's at the bottom of their medical records.  The red here touches my heart.  The marks that look like finger painting led me to reflect on the idea that fingers have a fingerprint.  Each one of us, as  individuals with our own unique fingerprints.  Each of us with our own strengths and weaknesses.  each of us whole in some ways and broken in others.  Each of us worthy of our lives.
I used this same red fingerprint/paint cloth on my contribution to the Hearts for Charleston project (follow the link on the labels of this post).  This fabric runs deep.

I'm posting this on a day when the youth in our country came together to inspire all of us in the world.  The youth that used words and their power to shine, for us all.
Because we all deserve this life.

May you find love, meaning and compassion in your days.  May you shine.  May you thrive.

Photos by NAE ©2018


  1. Wonderful and meaningful stitchings and thoughts, ox

  2. That 'finger paint' fabric is the best (thank you for the fat quarters you sent me) -- what a wonderful choice for your addition to the 70237 project !! Glad to see you posting here more, esp. as I consider vacating FB (probably won't. Just saying).

  3. Dee~ You are most welcome! Yes, I'm enjoying posting again :) But I now check in on FB, maybe 5-10 min at on a night...maybe a bit more ;) xo

  4. Nancy, good you noticed this on your blog...
    My piece is already there

    Love you

  5. Yvette~ Yay! I'm so glad you created a piece too! These were time well spent, thinking of others. Thank you for being here with me. xo

  6. I've fallen from stitching but not from the circle. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my blogger buddies to look in on at the end of my days. Love YOU.

  7. Michelle~ Aw, love you too! At this point, it doesn't matter what we do or don't do...we're all just here together...just going together. xo

  8. Such thoughtful, beautiful, meaningful commemorations. The kindness and love you’ve stitched into these will be held by the cloth you’ve chosen and felt by all who see them. Thank you. XO

  9. Jeanne~ Ah, and thanks to you, who leads by example and inspiration. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow! You're the best :)


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