Friday, November 20, 2020

Gifts Made

How to Tie a French Hitch Rock Wrap by JD Lenzen (TIAT)

My sister sent me this link:

Such beautiful rock-wrapping art!
So I headed over to the You Tube channel (as shared above) to take a peek.
I've seen rock coverings that are crocheted, felted or knotted with string,
but this precise patterned tying was new to me.
Looks beautiful and fun to do, even if I usually enjoy my rocks au naturel!
I could see this as a fun activity for children, not this precise of course. 

⇢     ⇢     ⇢     ⇢      ⇢
On another front in making and giving, I've finished Orlo's Christmas Stocking.
I really like this textured delight and it's not overly busy look.
Simple works, especially now.
His mommy & daddy love hiking in the woods, so the stocking body is pine cone filled.
I hope it brings them many years of joy during the holiday season.

With cotton, corduroy, velour, velvet and cross stitch fabric...
this one is a textural delight!

Getting the colors in photos right lately has not been easy.
The heal is brown, the big toe is caramel and the little toe is deep red.

The inside is muslin, both the cross stitch fabric and the muslin are tea dyed.
The back pocket is just plum worn out!
It really is much more faded than the piece behind the name, both from old corduroy shorts from my high school days.
The button, which holds the hook on is made from abalone, 
sewn on backwards for the color and the texture.
I used an old flannel pillowcase instead of batting.
My special signature is tucked inside this time, 
as there was not really a light enough place for it (the pocket was a little bumpy!)
A little something to add in the pocket and it is ready to go.

⇢     ⇢     ⇢     ⇢      ⇢

When looking at the video above, I found this one too.
I think I'm a few feathers short for this kind of weaving!
I certainly have never thought about weaving with them or even getting them wet!
I was also fascinated with the process of working with the yucca plant fibers.
May you expand your creativity, doing old things in new ways
May you embrace learning for entertainment's sake alone
May you  enjoy the feeling of completion
Photographs by NAE ©2020 


Marti said...

My Christmas wish for you is to one day be able to be with Orlo, maybe even helping his parents to hang his treasure of a stocking at Christmas...such a special gift and I love how you made this jolly roly poly stocking and stitched his wonderful name.

Nancy said...

Marti~ Thank you!

Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) such a beautiful xmas stocking for Orlo and the knot tying videos are fabulous!

Nancy said...

Mo~ Thank you so much! Yes those tying videos are so instructional and there are so many different ones!

Liz A said...

the back pocket on Orlo's stocking is genius ... how many times did I have more to put in a stocking than there was room for?!

the turkey feather blanket is amazing ... and the rock wrapping video sent me back in time to the peace pin project when I became aware of this blog which has whole communities of rock folk ...

sadly no longer actively posting.

Nancy said...

Liz~ Yes, I was pretty pleased with the pocket idea. I've done a few of them now, this one is the first sewn by hand though, I think. The rock wrapping site you linked seemed somehow familiar and made me think about how in the Jewish tradition, one leaves rocks at the grave site.
We have all of those wild turkeys around here, so I've gathered feathers over the years...that weaving was amazing to me! Be well.

Deb G said...

Your stocking turned out beautifully! I love the pocket on the back too. Watched the Turkey Feather Blanket and then got moved on to making pine needle baskets. :) So many projects to explore...

Nancy said...

Deb~ Thank you! Yes, the pocket. I keep thinking of the book "Peter's Pocket". Do you know it? I used it a lot with Pre-K :)
I've made two baskets, seagrass and pine needle, with the later being much more fun for me. We used those long pine needles, pre-soaked in water to make them workable. It was really fun. I wonder what happened to that lil basket? I got carried away watching how to do Native hair styles and then making moccasins! There is so much out there!

Jeanne said...

I love the pocket on the back!

Hazel said...

Such a sweet stocking, especially the pocket! Thanks for sharing a new idea for rocks, it would be a great kid activity. & watched the show, forgot how much I enjoyed Lisa. Congrats to your neice!

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Thank you :) Yes, I thought of your work with children & rocks when I saw that! It was fun, wasn't it! Lisa was always my favorite. I'll let my niece know.

Nancy said...

Hey Jeanne! Sorry so late here. I didn't get a notification about your comment. Thank you, I like the pocket too :)

Saskia said...

a fab stocking....we don't have the stocking tradition in the Netherlands, not even in our own household despite my attempts in that direction: just too many box-shaped presents that would not fit;-)
thx for the video suggestions, something to look forward to

Saskia said...

that turkey feather blanket is amazing

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Oh, interesting. I thought the stocking & tree decorating were fun traditions for the kids, back in my parent days. :)
Yes, wasn't that turkey feather weaving so amazing!