Sunday, November 29, 2020


Going for a drive is something we can do.

So off we went last week.

We took along some old charming maps my mom had saved and explored J's old neighborhoods. I find it funny that she was so interested in these old stone buildings and many years later here I am with someone who lived there!

Tujunga ~ Sun Valley ~ Sunland ~ Shadow Hills ~ Stonehurst

I didn't take a ton of photos, as most places are private residences,  but just to see the rock work was amazing! In NV in the early 1980's "river rock" was all the rage, I've always had a soft spot :)

You can read more:

LA Times

Research with photo 

Recreation Center

Okay, more!

His home is long gone, but there were so many others to see. 

A beautiful Fall day!

Black and White photo inspired by Deb

"I like big leaves and I cannot lie!"
I really do! Giant and tiny fascinate me.

I dropped some books into two different Little Free Libraries, in two different valleys, which for some reason I found to be incredibly fun to do. I picked up only one book: 
It's pretty funny.
I have to say, at both LFL's, I really wanted to straighten things out 
so they would look more inviting! You can barely see what's there. 
I still have a few books in the car, for our next drive-about!

May you venture out, back, forward
May you investigate and explore
May you share
Photographs by NAE ©2020


Liz A said...

love that you wanted to tidy the little libraries ... maybe next time you should just go for it!

and I too love rock and stone ... big leaves and small ...

deemallon said...

We’ll see if this comment works! Attempt #95. Anyway, thanks for your ongoing documentation of your journey, in this case a literal journey. We got out in the car this weekend too. It felt good.

Nancy said...

Liz~ Yep, I always want to straighten up in the store too! This time I didn't think he'd want to sit in the car while I organized! haha

Dee~ Thank you for trying so hard to comment here, it means a lot. Documenting this time is important on some level. I love going for drives :)

Shiborigirl said...

Drives are a great thing to do! Yesterday we took one (ours always seem to include a look at the beach to check the surf) but afterwards we stopped in at a HUGE bonsai wholesale nursery and wandered around for about an hour. Outside and with the largest number of mature bonsai I have ever seen in one place! most in the 40-80 year old range according to the caretaker on the premises. she advised me to start small-haha. said she had killed about 1000 in her time...

Nancy said...

Glennis~ Oh, how nice! I think you are closer to the coast than we are (I wish). That nursery sounds so cool. A man that took pottery with me years ago raised bonsai trees. Every pot he threw on the wheel was for trees :) This was a pretty cool episode of Huell Howser:
I'm nut sure if it will play, but you can read about it.
Lastly, there is someone who sells bonsai trees on the side of the road in Topanga. I'm always tempted!

Saskia said...

oh my I do love those huge rock houses! very cool....and the illustrations of them are priceless; what a great way to spend an afternoon out

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Me too! I love the look of hand drawn, of course. ;)

Marti said...

Well I thought I had left a comment but poof!

Anytime you and J take a drive, I so enjoy "traveling" along with you. We used to take a lot of drives in the different states we lived in. One of my favorite drives in TN was the drive up to Signal Mountain. We took this drive every fall to buy fabulous apple cider, great apple orchard. I would have liked to live in Signal Mountain but the winding road was perilous, especially in winter as it iced over. One of the best sights on this drive was a spaceship house aka the flying saucer house. The strange house changed hands many times until it was purchased by the town for use as a vacation rental. I couldn't imagine living in this house but on our drive, it always caught my eye.

Nancy said...

Marti~ Boy, that is some house! My first thought was that it would never survive in CA, as it would fall off of its legs in an earthquake! lol