Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Life ~ 105 Days Home

Home again
home again
jiggity jig!

Except, I haven't gone anywhere!!
Just my masked walks several times a week.

Most of the time, I couldn't be any more grateful 
for all we have. So much. More than enough.
But there are moments here and there...
certain things and people ~ missed.
I enjoy seeing the landscape views when I visit the blogs of y'all.

Here's what life looks like around here these days.

This is Ritchie.
(Yeah, why do we name critters and creations?)
He finally decided to taste the cherry 
and discovered how delicious it was! 
(Yeah, why are we so tempted to feed wild animals?)


 Ritchie is our responsibility-free 'pet'
And yes, I don't think we should feed him/her

 He/she looks so pretty in the sunlight!
Sometimes he stops and stares in the window at me.
I half expect him to leap forward onto my face or something,
like so bad comedy movie. Ha

We watch the lizards run along the wall.
J. calls this one Bill.
Daily this lizard comes and rests in the shade or sun
and does lizard push-ups!

I finished this bag today. 
Added some little curly thread bits, 
which was a new idea specific to this bag.
 It's so colorful, like a little party!
I left the other side woven only.
 This beautiful flower, right outside the front entrance,
compliments the little party bag!

Today's walk...

 Just look st the Century plant!
It has so many new and growing sprouts.
We always comment on the broccoli like look.
 I've been meaning to capture these beauties.
The long strand of flowers is tipping over from the plant on the right (barely seen)
 So pretty
 And then, so pointy!
When I had done online research about the agave plants,
one thing that caught my eye was that Native Americans used them as weapons.
I can see why!
 On the way back, we found this butterfly.
We thought maybe it was still alive, so J. went to move it out of harms way.
Sadly, it was already gone.
 So beautiful
 Then we came upon this lizard on the curb.
This is our nature...
out of the window, on our walks, curbside.
We have to look closer than we we lived in the old place.
There's a lot more cement in my life now.
But, I look hard and remember to be grateful.

 Upon our return, we walked out back where J watches the birds, lizards, gophers...
One of the residents created her own secret garden, 
decorated with little garden treasures
This was my first time back there, 
as the picnic table there is one of the designated smoking areas.
 Bird silouettes in the afternoon light
  Crows nest, high in the power tower

 Two little birds...

May you remember to look closely to find ways to fill you
May you hold your missing, but not fall too far into it
May you reach out and share in reverence

Photographs by NAE ©2020


Ms. said...

What a wonderful post. Ritchie is gorgeous and if it were me, I'd feed him/her daily. Remember Glinnes Dolche had a regular outdoor visitor and it was delightful..."Squirrily Girl"-the rest of your critters of the environs are wonderful and the bags beautiful plus your photos are fine. I love when you post. Hi.

jude said...

this morning it was Gary, yes, I name them all, Gary gopher...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the little wild threads are Wonder Full

Nancy said...

Michelle, I do remember Glennis's pal! I love it when you visit!

Jude, Ha. Gary!

Grace, aren't they?! I just couldn't part with them while cleaning up yarns glad this idea came to me :)