Tuesday, March 24, 2020

One Full Week Home

James Corden and Tom Hanks Act Out Tom's Filmography

I spent a lot of time recently looking for laughter.
I found this one and many others.
Ellen doing generational bits, 
a funny guy doing TEDX bits on answering spam email
and a few of these James Corden career bits

Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors for the pure reason 
that he becomes who is portraying.
No typecasting for him
He is everyone and anyone!
Such skills!

When you are following the stay safe at home orders...
you have time to finally roll up that new yarn.

You can communicate with friends, family and co-workers by phone.
When you have time, you can eat sunflower seeds like you did when you were
a kid, but don't eat really nowadays

 When you are working from home, well, you work by
watching a dozen video trainings, reading articles
re-reading policy, participating in conference calls
and watching assigned TED TALKS.
 I later added a title (label) on my work composition book:
"Pandemic School"

Today I finally got out for a walk with J.
It finally stopped raining
I finally got my act together and took a 20 minute walk
It was beautiful, so of course I came here to share.

 We passed a few other walkers, at a safe distance of course.
The clouds and blue skies were spirit lifting.
 J. being silly with a neighboring Century plant!
Liz used this plant in her recent Tarot Card :)
So big!
 The long view, up the street, rain on the way?
 A gorgeous red-trunked tree.
Anyone know what this beauty is?

 Layers of beauty

 Me in the field of mint
and a gentle giant

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or the senior building),
Activities have been cancelled,
so no BINGO,
no Donuts and Discussion,
no shuttle service to the grocery store
(How will the elders get their food?)
no extra service done on our units
communicate by email, the office sits empty
and the community room is closed,
so you can't host a party, use the shared computer, play a game of pool,
 watch the big TV or choose a book off the shelf.

My packages sit here, un-mailed
Stay at home
Wash your hands
Take care of yourself and your loved ones

May you find things you like to do,
have friends who spur you on 
and ways to stay healthy AND happy!

PS Thanks to Cam and Dee who encouraged me to take a walk

Carry on as you seek and find some beauty in the storm

Photographs by NAE ©2020


Ms. said...

Yay for that beautiful walk! The gentle giant is a treasure. I love Tom Hanks too. Took a couple of skits for me to get in the spirit of it, but I was smiling by the time "you've got a friend" came along. Dear one, I hope you find a way to the Grocery store. Maybe one of them delivers. Keep on keeping on you two. If you have a VHS tape player or a CD player, I'll mail you a selection of videos and maybe an audio book in April. It's almost April...only six more days.

Saskia said...

yes to walking! I am relieved to read you've been are fortunate to live in an area where you still can go us; Spring and sunshine offer solace over here, reminding us life does go on
sending love, stay safe and healthy Nancy, xx

Liz A said...

Oh ho ho! What a great pair of pictures at the agave! I've linked back from my post so others can enjoy

be well ...

Marti said...

What a boost to walk along with you Nancy. Beauty of a different sort from here in the desert in New Mexico; that greenness so invigorating for me, that mound of mint, well I just wanted to fall into it and then I would "smell" and be refreshed with the scent.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Yes. Walk. Think of the mycelium beneath each step

Els said...

You're a wonderful GIANT, Nancy ;-)
Walking (alone) still allowed here too ... quiet beauty to enjoy
Stay safe !

Mo Crow said...

the bark looks like Arbutus unedo aka Strawberry Tree, are the leaf margins serrated?

deemallon said...

The pictures are a walk for us. Thank you. Didn’t look at the video. My go-to distractions lately are British or Aussie crime shows. I am making it a point to spend some time outside every day. Helps keep track of time, too. Love

Nancy said...

Wow! Thanks for all the comments!

Michelle, J. Is our shopper these days, it works so far. The VCR and DVD players did not make the cut during the move and the CD player is in the car...and I am not! Please hold off on mailing and stay safe instead! xo

Saskia, sidewalks for now, but it works. I look forward to dirt trails again. You stay safe too. xo

Liz, I thought you would like that! Be well. xo

Marti, isn't that mint something?! I wanted it to be freshly watered so the scent would be intense! Take care. xo

Grace, walk indeed xo

Els, well I walked with J. But, I live with him too, so we're good! Wink. You stay safe too. xo

Mo, I'll have check those leaves out. I knew you would have a good idea! Be well xo

Dee, you walking Finney-boy was part of my inspiration, so thank you! Stay safe out there xo

Nancy said...

ACey, I accidentally deleted your comment, but I'm glad you got to plant something! Life affirming, yes? Again, sorry about that. xo