Thursday, February 13, 2020


Five Man Electrical Band - Signs (Exclusive Video)

Tonight is a one thing leads to another thought trail.
I don't remember which thought came first.
I think I thought of this sign post below while trying to fall asleep.
Obviously, I'm wide awake.

That led to the story from my daughter years ago.

Then I landed on this song.
There are other versions of this tune on You Tube 
(the 'long intro' one playing on a record player sounded good too),
but I rather like all the fun photos in this one.

I've always loved this song for the camaraderie and rebellion
(think the middle finger sign)
it evokes.
Rock On

↶     ↷

The above sign post is in my Back Bay/Los Osos.
I love these things.
Just flat out love 'em.

I know they are trendy and cliche,
but I don't care.
I've told J. I want one of my own,
to stand on the patio or in the corner of the living room.
I've seen them done as engagement/wedding gifts,
with all the places meaningful to that couple depicted,
including mileage from here to there...wherever.

Mine would of course have a picket-arrow for the many places we love,
have been to, which hold our hearts...
Back Bay/Los Osos
Moro Bay 
Joshua Tree
Lone Pine & more
and for me...
Markeleeville, Alpine County, CA
and more

Since it would be a love sign,
I would put the longitude/latitude instead of mileage,
because if you were to move, the sign would be incorrect.
Besides, it is about the 'location'...
which is in your heart of course!

↶     ↷  

What would be on your love sign?

↶     ↷  

The story from my daughter is many, many years old,
but worth telling and remembering.
She was driving down a road near her home,
pondering and considering.
It was not easy days for her and she was
thinking on my mama (her grandma),
recently passed.
She was asking her for guidance when she glanced up to see a lawyers
name on a corner strop-mall sign.
Her name was Marjorie, like my mom.
As she continued down the street,
thinking how amazing that was that she had seen her name as she reached out to her.
Speaking to the wow factor, she then thought
something to the effect,
if that was really you give me a sign.
No sooner had she thought that,
then BAM...
she drove by a church with one of those temporary banners strung up.
It read:

Okay then.

↶     ↷  

Signs can be deeply meaningful
filled with humor
or love
Signs can hold your past, present,
your heart

May all of your signs be what you need
May they be amazing

Happy Early Valentine's Day Folks

Photographs by NAE ©2020


Liz A said...

oh, this song ... I can still sing every word by heart ... and what a sweet memory it triggers ...

we were gifted with a signpost painting made at the beach we most love (Avon, NC) with mileage to many of the other places we have lived and loved (very clever, the artist made blank prints of the sign with "Avon, NC" on top and then customized each one to whatever places his clients named)

love your daughter's story ... and I likewise believe in signs from the world ... ladybugs and clear lanes as I merge onto the interstate (thanks mom) ... rainbows, of course ... and lately, the synchronicity of tarot cards

lest ye see signs and wonders, ye shall not believe (John 4:48 ... from another day and time in my life)

ACey said...

I love that song. Sometimes I just start spontaneously singing it.

Nancy said...

Liz, I love reading your signs! Maybe I should have added a bit about worst pick up lines ever...what's your sign? Haha

Nancy said...

Acrylic, Me too! I should post some of the random songs that pop into my head!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

in some life, i used to travel the freeway between Detroit and Ann Arbor Michigan. on the wall of some hotel was painted

If you lived here, you'd be Home now.

Nancy said...

Grace, yes! We had a place like that between our two vallies too. Is embed to read it each time I saw it! Heehee

Ms. said...

What a great post. The local church sigh=n currently reads "If you're looking for a sign, this is it"

Nancy said...

Michelle, I love reading the church sign near my work. They put the most wild messages up there!

ACey said...

quite amused that auto-correct changed my name of "acrylic".

Nancy said...

Haha me too! I am so unfamiliar with this stuff!

jeanne hewell-chambers said...

Wow. Just wow. The trick, I always say, is to stay awake. Obviously your daughter has that down pat. XO

Nancy said...

Jeanne, haha stay awake! Good night:)