Sunday, September 15, 2019

Seven Months

It's been about 7 months since the 
Big Move.

How can that be?
We've discussed how much like 'home' it feels, or not.
We've created new patterns for weekly tasks.
We've hung out together.
And in the end, that is really what matters to me these days,
hanging out together.
I still have some unpacking and sorting and discarding to do
~she says with some embarrassment~ 

I guess that part never ends, does it? 

There still remains to be 3 things I'm not wild about.
  1. The upstairs neighbor with lead feet
  2. Not being able to walk straight outside.
  3. Laundry Day
 Other than that, we're fine enough.
Here is what laundry day looks like:

 It IS a nice room.
6 washers, 6 dryers
 The problem for me remains the scents and process to avoid them!
You can see my small gathering of weaving materials.
It was a weaving day this day.
Sometimes it is a reading day or a phone call day.

I wait upstairs in the lounge area, 
so I can switch my laundry into the least offensive machines.
It takes up a chunk of time on my weekend,
but then it is all done at once!
Ready for the work week.

How mundane my life must seem.
How it feels.

The lounge area and the view.
Sometimes others are doing laundry or watching TV in the lounge.
Usually, two particular neighbors with the ball game on.

Usually I am alone, except for the few strange encounters with neighbors.
There was the neighbor who seemed friendly enough, until he went off about Muslims.
I'll leave that there, except to say, of course I did not agree and I'm glad to have NOT seen him since.  Then there is the neighbor in a wheel chair, who pushes himself around...talking to himself and anyone who may listen, in rather snarky, aggressive tones.  Odd does not begin to describe.
I have learned about myself, that I have a hard time feeling compassion when I feel unsafe.
And there was the day that the upstairs lead foot neighbor came into the laundry room, started his laundry, then wiped down a white plastic chair with a wet paper towel and plopped himself down to STARE at me as I folded my laundry.  I quickly dropped the undergarments into my laundry cart.  He lives ~right around the corner~ from the laundry room, but yet there he sat.
And the ball game watching lady always has something to say, even if she is nice enough.
"Oh you're finally finished with your laundry!" as I head back toward the elevator.
Her voice rises and emphasizes on the "finally".

I didn't ask for, nor need a commentary on my laundry efficiency!
There is air conditioning, which I am grateful for.
And there is a view, which carries me away.

 Somewhere in the back area there lives a small hawk 
that cries out in the mornings as I leave for work.
I've yet to see it, like I could the hawks at the old place.
But, I can hear it and imagine.
Just the calling carries me. 

And the Crows!
There are so many crows around here!
I see some every morning as I head out.
They make me smile.

In other, maybe equally boring news.
I'm reading a new book.
 I'm pretty far into it and have mixed feelings at this point.
Has anyone out there read this one.
Please share what you thought, 
for I'm not sure if it is him and his writing or me and my state of mind.
Yesterday was my niece's wedding.
I took only one photo with people in it!
There were so many 'smart' phones and hired photographers,
gracious knows my photos were not needed!
I did take one of them right after the ceremony and  it came out blurry!
 A horrible picture, but their smiles are forever in my mind's eye.
I was interesting in textures and light.
Grab a drink wall, which was later a grab a goodie bag wall
Room divider
View from the balcony ~ The Fashion District, Downtown LA
Plenty of glassware in the SoCal sun

Part of the table decor. Anyone know what this is?
Last, but not least, I treated myself to a new little desk and chair.
It is small and has only one thin drawer, so I can't collect more stuff!
But, I now have a place to get my financial life organized,
instead of trying to sit on the edge of my bed! ha
I added the old Carson Valley 'pogonip'
photograph to this wall.
I love being able to look up at it and remember from my days up North.
I remember for two weeks straight, as we were preparing to move back to California,
the Carson Valley was socked in with a valley wide pogonip.
My EX was working up in Tahoe, where it was brilliant blue skies.
Yet, I was home packing, with two babies under the age of three 
and solid , gray, frozen skies!  It was wild!

New desk, chair and pillow

May your mundane tasks contain some interest and gratitude. 
May life's big moments provide time for small reflections.
May possibilities come in the most surprising ways.

Photographs by NAE ©2019  


Ms. said...

You're so good. Really, even when describing disturbing people. The views are pretty fine but I'd be missing about everything you are missing...Hawks for example. There's a pool/cool. I like the desk. I believe that table decoration is rose hips.

Liz A said...

I remember reading "The Last Lecture" but can't recall a thing about it ... not a good sign

And laundry ... challenging in the best of circumstances. I dry my clothes for 3 minutes to shake out the wrinkles, then use folding drying racks. Clothes last longer and that strategy could get you out of the laundry room that much sooner. However, I do use the dryer for sheets and sometimes towels (although I love crispness of air dried towels, they do take up a lot of drying rack space). Either way, good luck ...

Nancy said...

Michelle~ I may be good here - online - but if you only heard my thoughts or what I say to J. haha I think of you a lot, now that I have a neighbor above me. You are a marvel for doing this for so many years! Ah, yes rose hips! I do believe you are right. xo my friend.

Liz~Mmmm...yes, I'll save my book comments until I'm completely done, but I can see why you've not remembered. While I love the idea of line dried clothing, what you call crisp, I feel as stiff and scratchy! Plus, I can't imagine lugging loads of wet laundry down in the elevator or having the space for the racks...but I think it could be a good option. Really, as I sit here smelling someone else's super strong laundry soap on my shirt :( Glad you're here xo

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Well, your laundry room looks like Heaven to me. Including the company. The laundromat I have to go to is SomethingElse entirely. I would take a pic but it would be unkind

jude said...

I hope I get to the point where I can talk about how I feel about the move, ha!'

I wonder who my neighbors will be?

Nice to see that cloth there on the wall...

Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) you are brave I hope more suitable accomodation will happen for you very soon!

Hazel said...

You are so good at observing life's stories. I have fond laundry room memories with K., but we were in college and it was a good make-out room!

Nancy said...

Grace~ Yes, I've stated my gratitude for on sight laundry again and again. Many of the other places we looked at online did not offer that or had less machines. Not that that made our decision of course. But this one is nice and usually quite clean. My complaint is only health related...the scents really do a number on my asthma and migraines! This morning when I got dressed, I realized that I'd not beat the game and my clothes smelled very strong. That means I have to deal with that all week, til laundry day again. Boo. To bad you're not close enough to do laundry with me :)

Jude~ Your story comes through your fingertips on a daily basis. I love that cloth so much! I look at it from my bed as I read and now while sitting at my desk :) Thank you so for such beauty in my world.

Mo~ The three things that bother me the most are completely liveable. Trust me. But I do hope to be making the kind of plans you are someday!

Hazel~ Now those are fun memories! haha I'm sure I'm on camera up there these days!

Saskia said...

one of the things that strike me about you is you always manage to see beauty where most might overlook it, that is a great gift Nancy, and then you share it with us thank you Xxx

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Aw, you are so kind...I have to try real hard these days when looking for the goodness. It helps me get through. xo