Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Blank Slate

AKA: Do Over
AKA: Lost, Gone or Missing

blank - ready for a cross-stitched name

Well, here I am again.
A couple of things happened over the past couple of days,
one led to the other.

First, I was asked to make another Christmas stocking
for the newest family member to the family you met back here.
This caused me to start pulling the needed materials out.

That is when I discovered that my old cardboard cutting board did not make the move somehow.
It is almost silly how sad this made me at first, but it did.
I had this fold-up pre-marked (grid) cutting board since 1981, when I purchased it, along with cloth and other materials, so I could make a baby quilt for a friend.  That one was the first of many, for many friends, for many new babies.

As it was, when I last saw it, the cardboard cutting board had a million pin holes and dots of fabric paint, from when I'd punch the point down to get the paint flowing, so I could make faces and such on Christmas stockings!

I wonder what else is missing from the move?

cutting the batting, using a plastic lid as a cutting board - not ideal

Perhaps this stitching will pull me out of my rut.

   The great advantage of being 
                                                        in a rut is                                                         

that when one is in a rut,

one knows exactly where one is.

- Arnold Bennett

Blurry, but ready

May you have what you need and some of what you want too
May you not loose too much or miss too much, 
but hold your memories as you need too.
Photographs by NAE ©2019


Liz A said...

gone ... missing ...

I have mixed feelings about Christmas stitching ... on the one hand, the season is so brief and then everything gets put away ... gone ... missing from the day-to-day of the non-holiday time ...

but then, when brought out again the following year, each piece is noticed all over again, the stories held are recalled, the connections renewed ... all such very good things

and oh, I'm so sorry that something that held story for you is lost ...

Nancy said...

Liz~ Yes, I can see your point...but how exciting to have old friends come out to visit at a special time of year. Of course, I don't actually celebrate Christmas, so I can only imagine :)
As for story, in the past Everything held story! I'm trying to let go of the Super Duper Importance of that, as only I care about some of these stories anyway, important only to me. xo

Mo Crow said...

those gridded cutting boards are fab, I have 6 in different states of disrepair, the good news is they are a lot cheaper these days

Nancy said...

Hey Mo~ Yeah, I used mine to death! In the spirit of downsizing, making do and the fact that I still have my big blue cutting board...PLUS, I don't feel the need to sew in quite this way...I most likely will not replace. But, I was surprised and a bit sad to find it gone and do wonder what else is gone That I don't even know about yet? xo

Ms. said...

Blessed be thee. I have been moved in upon unannounced since this afternoon by a mother (60) and son (27) who were evicted...old time friends of many years always in emergencies. Forgive me if I type at you in your rut there, but they have squeezed themselves into the loft bed and have left me thinking space. It's 2 a.m. in Manhattan. Half their baggage and two cats are sheltered in one of the only neighbors from the long past down on the first floor (angels) and half taking up space here. Sigh. I've been at a loss and when your life is taken over for a day +++, Buddhist vows might fail...mine did...none the less, they go to court in a few more hours and will be gone all day. Then back here...and depending on success they will be back in their own apartment Friday night. If not, I may be stuck with them for the weekend. Sympathy not withstanding. I can not, nor can the neighbors sheltering cats and managing many problems of their own, stay stable for much longer. I'm thinking about Grace having to evict with goats and everything because of fire on a moments notice. I feel somewhat ashamed of myself. Not shame really, just disappointment. So. Thank you for listen/reading about my momentary discomfort. It soothes me to speak of it. I may not be back on line so don't worry about an answer. You may see me on Face book where I am being most circumspect about the problem, not wanting to expose them. Good morning and goodnight. I'll try to sleep now.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ This space and places to vent and just be yourself. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish for the best outcome. Lastly, I can understand a bit. I couldn't imagine folks moving in on us right now! xo my friend.