Saturday, September 21, 2019


Celebrating the International Day of Peace 2019

Sent with a lovely gift from Liz (more about that later).

Today, in regards to peace, my first thought...
the one I pondered today:

What does peace mean to you?

 Peace in the heart...
Loved ones who care and show that love.
Thinking of a couple of friends in need of better health.
One you know, Valerianna, and one you do not.
The one you do not know taught me of too much ammonia in one's blood.
Thinking of Elena and Valerianna with love and light...
with wishes for wellness and peace
 Peace for the past ~ peace for the future
Thinking of those in my past, making peace in my heart
Thinking how the future will form, hoping to carry peace with me
 When the world shows its prickly side...
peace in acceptance, adaptation, and adoring
Adoring others
Adoring our capacity to embrace change
Adoring ourselves first, when the world shows us different
Peace when the light shines
Peace when it does not
Peace in the waiting, in the searching and in the reaching out
 Peace for the world...
for our earth home...
for all of the peoples and creatures near and far

May you wear peace in your heart...
in your mind and spirit...
May you wear peace on your sleeve ~ the ones you roll up when you get to work

Peace be with yo
Photographs by NAE ©2019 


Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) beautiful post full of Peace!

jude said...


Liz A said...

what a wonderful meditation ... I love your call to "wear peace on your sleeve" ... literally and figuratively

Nancy said...

(((Mo)) ~ Your work for our 'beautiful broken world' is a guiding peace light to us all. xo

Jude~ Peace, man :)

Liz~ Yes, that is how it came to me, for we must work towards what we feel is important, I believe.