Saturday, July 6, 2019

More Shaking

-Give me things that don’t get lost…
-Neil Young: Old Man

Yes, we felt the next, bigger quake last night!
One of the first things out of my mouth was,
"The less you have, the less you have to loose!"

This downsizing continues to feel really good.
I am grateful we've not hung anything large and heavy!

The cloths work.

The dancing men...Danced! 

We really think we will leave well enough alone.
The giant expanses of wall keeps it light and airy and much less closed in!
That feels good in a bottom floor, green enclosed space.

Talents are best nurtured in solitude;

Character is best formed in the stormy billows of the world.

 We  have considered what we have already here, in case of an emergency,
what we need, what should be organized better...and so on.

This year seems to be that year!  Oy.

I continue to attempt to sell myself on the idea that all of these changes 
are a good thing,

Better prepared, organized, planned...
I can't go wrong!

Putting your life in order.  Sigh.

⥀     ⥁

Remember this time.
                    It’s the way life should be.                            
-Martin Waddell
May your days prove to be an inspiration.
May you be prepared,
or at least ready to adapt!

Photographs by NAE ©2019 


Mo Crow said...

these are truly shaky times!

Nancy said...

(((Mo)))...yes, in so many ways! About 34,000 aftershocks, 1+ in size. Wow!

Ms. said...

Alarming. What a year indeed. I know you have gas in the car and a go bag ready. Hope you also have a place (friend) to go to if the need arises. Meanwhile your encouraging thoughts are with me as I light a candle for your safety.

Liz A said...

"Remember this time" ...

How grateful I am that you remember your time here ... I do so love this blog ...

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yes, well some of that is in place, some is being built in the days ahead. Nowhere to go, but we have cars, so we're good! Thank you for your well-wishes and candle lighting. It means a lot.

Liz~ Yes, a friend shared that quote with me, probably 15+ years ago! I put it here for you too...remember this time! xo

jude said...

looking forward to a lot of packing that might never be unpacked.

jude said...

keep losing comments here, hope they show up eventually

Nancy said...

Jude~ Yep, I have to "approve" them first. ;) You are so right...I have a few boxes that I just haven't unpacked yet, and they hold things I like very much! Wonder why that is? It is amazing how much we can do without. xo

Ms. said...

Hoping to hear you are safe and well. It's Thursday morning and I'm thinking of you.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ You are so sweet. As far as earth movement...we've not felt any of the aftershocks, not even the larger ones. This is fine with me! All can be well :) xo

Ms. said...

Glad to hear, and also to see you post on FB. Big LOVE

deemallon said...

arck! and now the air quality? I saw on FB that it's not good? Like Liz, I want to say how much I appreciate this blog. You.

Nancy said...

Dee~ Thank you. All of you being here means a lot in these days of stress. The air? Read it and weep or try to understand for yourself...or weep for the trying to understanding! lol

Hazel said...

Always good to read your cheery voice here, Nancy, even in the middle of precarious shaking! Glad all is well. You're so good at seeing the good. Interesting how so many folks in this circle are in the middle of changes. ps. Still slowly enjoying the book!

Nancy said...

Hey Hazel~ I love how you came here to say this today. I've been anything but cheery for many days. Even my attempts to spin the positive on things has not worked, at all. I've really, really hesitated to post all of the mess.
So glad you are enjoying the book! Isn't his writing style (choice of words) interesting? I have also read "Britt Marie Was Here" and I am currently reading "Ove" - both by the same author. Very enjoyable :)
Thanks for visiting the trail, your comment lifts me.