Saturday, January 5, 2019

Thursday's Walk

Today I took my shoes off 
during my lunch break walk
Choosing to feel and experience from the 
ground up
The chill sidewalk touched my winter feet 
in ways not remembered
For I was once the girl of bared feet or moccasins with holes,
walking the city blocks, eating sunflower seeds from their shells
Living a freedom I could not articulate, 
but somehow knew

Now at almost 60 and many years in 
my feet tender and pale,
speak their age 
as they notice every texture change in the pavements,
every teeny leaf debris.
As they notice the damp of the grass at a driveway's edge
and the coolness of a dusty bit of earth
As every pressure to the ball and recovered broken toe 
is felt and recorded

My feet tell, but I wonder,
what has become of 
my young girl's heart?
What became of youthful freedom?

Photographs by NAE ©2019


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Could not articulate, but somehow knew

Isn't there the same thing now?. But entirely different??

Nancy said...

Grace~ yes, perhaps. Always seeking to articulate what we know. And I am feeling a new, different kind of freedom now, yet still embracing the girl inside. Curious.

Ms. said...

If you and I were to walk along together, my 75year old bunion and broken toed feet might envy yours, but the company would be comforting. And, if Grace were with us and pup were running along side, we'd surely be a short story in it.

Mo Crow said...

such a beautiful post (((Nancy))) you are writing like a dream!

jude said...

asking a lot of these questions...
no answers then or now. but just what moves through.
I'll be 68 soon. eeeek.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

calling our Selves to walk together

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Ah, I am smiling at the image of our bared feet and open hearts walking together, pup running along side! xo

(((Mo)))~ That means a lot to me...PLUS I'm enjoying playing with words again (kind of funny considering what I am reading about in the 'Silence' book, which is a lack of words...Mmm...)

Jude~ No answers really expected, are they? just pondering, not lamenting :) Yep, you are 8 years ahead of me in this journey!

Grace~ Here we gooooo....

deemallon said...

these posts... some freedom has been found, I think? the freedom of the woman and not the child, perhaps... it does seem from this distance like you've let loose some inhibitor. Your voice coming through. Like you took the lid off.

Nancy said...

Dee~ Mmmm...perhaps. i do so love reading your impressions, as I often just bumble along, until sometime - way after the fact - I have an A-Ha kind of moment. :) xo