Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lemon Pig

Late-ish on New Year's Day night,
I made a lemon pig

I had read about them here:
I had no lemon, no cloves and no aluminum foil either
So, I used an orange from my neighbor's overhanging tree, screws 
and a bit of chenille stem (pipe cleaner) instead.

Do you think it will still be lucky for me?

The next morning, J. reminded me that 2019 is the year of the pig!
How's that for serendipity fun?
You can read more and find your Chinese Zodiac Animal

EDIT UPDATE: The year of the PIG is MY birth-year!
Maybe that ups my chance for good luck!  haha

It felt nice to do something lighthearted.
Later, a blood moon came to the cloth.
Stitching and story to follow...

Until then, may your days hold a a bit of fun, a bit of softness and a bit of magic!

Photographs by NAE ©2019


Ms. said...

My inner voice tells me that even an orange pig is a significant creation. The luck moves with weather and we know she has whims. May she whim some delight your way.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yep, she sure does move on a whim! But, it was still a playful activity and that is good. Plus, I forgot to add that Year of the Pig = ME! So maybe that improves the 'luck'? hahha
I should edit the post about that.

Marti said...

Well thank you so much Nancy for this light-hearted New Year mascot and "oinky" and special New Year greetings to you my dear sister pig...Yes, I belong to this clan (birth year 1947). Not sure I fit all of the characteristics but when I did a little research, I found that I am a "fire" pig which led my husband to say when I told him, "well of course you are, you feisty woman..." I also learned that in the Chinese zodiac, goats are compatible with pigs so wouldn't you know that my husband of 49 years is a Capricorn, and his birth year (1943) in the Chinese Zodiac is the y4ear of the goat!

Nancy said...

Marti~ Ah, I am proud to be sister pigs with you! J. is a horse...hum, I wonder if we are supposed to be a good match. Nah, nevermind, almost 19 years tells me were good! ;)

Mo Crow said...

love seeing the cloth in process!

Nancy said...

Mo~ It has been 'in process' 4-EVER!!! Thinking on how I want to attach the moon :)