Thursday, November 15, 2018

Somebody's Child

I stand in her yard and hear her story.
How she takes care of self in relation to her grown daughter, the mother of four of her many grandchildren...two of the four who now live with her.
→  Somebody's Child  ← 

He be-bops down the sidewalk at night, surrounded by friends, 
the blue light of his cell phone lighting up his face 
as his body moves in one hundred directions.
→  Somebody's Child  ← 

They dance in the night, crowded together in the comfort of a fun and familiar location.
12 among them, each one...
→  Somebody's Child  ←

They brave the chill of the early morning, 
huddled together under tarps and blankets...
chatting and preparing for their day on the street.
→  Somebody's Child  ←

Among the devastation of loss of property and loss of life,
the "Camp Fire" in Northern California now includes 631 humans still 'missing'.
→  Somebody's Child  ← 

We are each "somebody's child".
We have the potential for good or otherwise...
ups or downs
temporary or permanent
thrive or stagnate
self or others

 We are each "somebody's child".
We have the potential 
We have the ability to hold, to share, to give
We have the ability to hope
and to heal
and to care.
We have the ability to care.
 As you move through your days, may you remember 
that every single one of us is Somebody's Child.

*NOTE~ All photographs taken recently at a local weaver's guild show and demonstration.

Photos by NAE ©2018 


Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) so beautiful & poignant

Ms. said...

Moving and timely. Love your increased posting here. Those floating bits of cloth are a great choice.

Nancy said...

(((Mo))) Thanks sent your way.

Michelle~ Thank you. I'm glad to be floating along, with you in my world.

Liz A said...

My heart aches ... the growing list of the missing in California bringing back memories of those who searched in vain for loved ones after 9/11 ... one of them my husband's Uncle Chuck, who never came home from his office in the World Trade Center.

Somebody's child ... parent ... spouse ... sibling ... grandparent ... friend ... all precious ...

Nancy said...

Liz~ I am so sorry for your family's loss.
Yes, the list is just growing and growing in NoCal. 61 dead, heard in the car tonight. We are all somebody's child, before we go on to become even more.

Dee Mallon said...

An anthem for a difficult time. This post makes me think you are really finding your voice. Lovely.

Nancy said...

Dee~ Yes, a difficult time. Thank you for your input :)

Deb G said...

Truth, so very true. Sending love...

Deb G said...

Apologize if this posts twice...not sure first one saved. Sending love Nancy. What you write is so true....

Nancy said...

Deb~ Yes I got both comments and published both, because I enjoyed both ways you said it! Truth is truth, even when it is repeated! ha Thank you for stopping by the trail. xo