Sunday, June 24, 2018



I was thinking of this video (link above) and wanted to send it to a friend...
but, couldn't find it anywhere!
I thought I'd put it here eons ago, but NO it wasn't here either.
After putting a shout-out on FB another friend found it for me!!  Yay!!
So now here it is, for safekeeping.

The most beautiful video/life ever, right?!

This led me back to my thoughts of how "I want to be Maia"...
which led me to the favorite children's book (link above).
Which reminded me of how yet another friend and I always concurred
that we wanted to be "Miss Rumphius".

Beauty in aging...a beautiful life.


Now they are here so I don't loose them again.
May you all enjoy them as I have,


Mo Crow said...

Maia is such a beautiful dancer!

susan hemann said...

thank you

Liz A said...

Ah, Miss Rumphius ... and now it has new meaning as we treasure our local lupines, the Texas bluebonnets

Nancy said...

Mo~ Yes!

Susan~ You are most welcome!

Liz~ Well, there ya go! Celebrate and spread seeds wherever you go!

Hazel said...

Thank you for the revisit with Maia! She's amazing. I wish I were half so limber now.
& Miss Rumphius, an old favorite, ox

Deb G said...

Yes, that's a beautiful one. Glad you found it again.

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Me too! Yes, of course you know Miss R. :)

Deb~ So am I! My thoughts return to it often.