Sunday, April 15, 2018

Practically Coast to Coast

AKA "From Her Home to Mine"

My Son and Bonus Daughter were here in town,
for the blink of an eye.  We were able to visit and eat and hike.
We took them to our trail of frequent hikes.
The place where 'one rock found twice' lives.
We all three looked for my old friend Rock, without success.

But, before all of that took place, they gave us our gifts for my recent birthday and J.'s Saturday birthday.  He got the fairly recent book The Hidden Life of Trees.
I had heard about this one on NPR a while back, so Yay!!

I got a huge Surprise!
I had told them about Dee's recent open house.  
My daughter said they may go, but then I never heard more.
But, low and behold...they did go and then traveled across the country with a beautiful piece of her work for my gift!!  If you follow the link above to her post, you can see them there.
Here they are here, hiking our hills!

West Coast Us!
I'm still feeling pretty amazed how folks can connect!
I whole-heartily agree with Dee...
perhaps one day she and I will get to meet!

 This is the cloth they chose for me.  It came with a story about when Dee finished it and how it was hanging in a window.  I thought that was pretty funny because I always comment to Dee about how I love her cloths in the window light!
It will be added to my happy wall of cloth...or to a window!

A Jude cloth peeks from behind!

I don't know yet what Dee's ideas were for this cloth...
but I love the lines in the sky and the sun? ~ moon?  
It looks like heat waves to me, which is perfect for the land of
always somewhere around 80 degrees!
I also love the bits of constellations cloth peeking through the weave and
Dee's now famous 'house' motif...all bursting in the colors of Spring!
From her home to mine...can it get any better?!!

↜ ↝

Our hike included not only looking for Mr. Rock,
but seeing one of my often photographed open gate with locks!
There was only one lock on this one.
Isn't that how it should be I think?!

One Lock
We also looked for and found some fossils.
The boy reminded me of an old childhood fossil story 
and the girl shared her knowledge!
Ain't life grand?! (as my Mama used to say)

Cool Rock
Spring Flowers

Green grass and Blue Skies

I never tire of these views.  
I hope you don't either, since I keep sharing them!  lol

I could never tire of seeing these two, 
I only wish I could see them more.

 Today, on my way to a belated Birthday lunch,
I saw this gal riding down my street.
Dixie looks like a fun companion, don't you think?!

⥳   ⥴
May you enjoy all of your comings and goings in the upcoming days.

May you find happy surprises along the way.
May you treasure the time spent with those you love.
❤ xo  


Mo Crow said...

love seeing the big smiles both here and over at Dee's today!

Liz A said...

Loving how the virtual became real ...

Marti said...

What a fine way to celebrate your birthday Nancy and many happy blessings to you. Your son chose well because Dee's cloth holds such warmth and feels like a coast to coast hug- threads of connection, how good this is.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

so your daughter and son and his woman were with you all at one time?

Nancy said...

Mo~ It was a visit filled with smiles and laughter!

Liz~ I know, right?! Isn't that the best?!

Marti~ Yes, a coast to coast hug! Any choice from Dee's hands would be grand!

Grace~ No, my son and daughter-in-law were first at Dee's in the Boston area...then my son and daughter-in-law traveled out here to my place. I may not have written that out clearly. :) My daughter was not a part of this trip (I just never know how to refer to my daughter-in-law as I don't care for that term).

Ms. said...

When time allows I check in on my favorite bloggers (like you) and today I was DELIGHTED by this BIRTHDAY sharing of v=family, gifts and views I never tire of. Blessings to you as always dear Nancy and BIG love. (I always wanted a pony and cart!)

Nancy said...

Michelle~ I'm always so glad you are here! A pony and a cart would be fun :) xo

Hazel said...

Happy belated, Nancy! How very swell that they went with your spirit, and brought back a piece of Dee's world to you!

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Thanks and it really was great!

jude said...

Isn't this a swell story!

Nancy said...

Jude~ The best!

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

this is such a great story! full of smiles and happy connections

Nancy said...

Saskia~ We can always use a smile or two, right?!