Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day ~ Living with Heart

Valentine's Day, just another day really,
especially when you try to live with heart everyday.

Here's some recent happenings with heart...and more!

 I finally finished this little medicine bag!
I actually began it years ago after buying the yearn in New York. 
You can read about that here.
This finished bag is not the one I started.  I cut that one off the loom back here.


I thought about that quote I had posted:
Today I thought of this quote posted over at Henrietta's place,  


Mom always says, "never cut a knot, always untie it. If you can't figure out how to untie a knot, you'll never figure out how to solve your problems."
The yarn had become quite tangled going back and forth in my car.
So I wound the ball once the bag was done.
→ Living with Perseverance ← 
Typical of me and I can't believe it...
but after all of this time, I am undecided if the bag was meant for me or someone else.
We'll see.
Plus there is enough yarn left to work with another medicine bag.
It sure is nice to have this one completed after so long.
→ Living with Heart ← 

Overheard in a school lobby:
Elderly lady speaking with office manager, suddenly proclaims, 
"Everyone loves R. ~ you want a cannoli?"
R. responds, "Oh that is sweet, you don't have to do that!"
To which the elderly lady replies, hand to her mouth in a secretive whisper,
"They don't cost that much, otherwise I wouldn't offer."
→ Living with Humor ←

Today I went back to the doctor for the last post-op appointment.
He said all looks well and cut the stitch out of my eye!
Now I feel like the healing can wrap up.
It has been awful feeling that stitch in my eye since January 4th.  
I'm so glad it is out.

→ Living with Gratitude ←

Overheard in the doctor's waiting room:
Elder lady in fuzzy leopard print vest, tells a story she'd seen on TV:
A man sees an elder lady trying to cross the street.  he puts his hand on her back and offers his help, to which the elder lady turns around and maces him!

The woman is laughing so hard that she barely gets this story out.
Her middle age companion, in black velvet bell-bottoms laughs herself while responding,
"Oh and that hurts so much!"

After just a moment's pause, the elder woman says in a shocked voice, 
"How do you Know that?"

The story on a punk rock event follows.

→ Living with Laughter ←

Overheard in the doctor's waiting room:
An elderly blue-jean clad lady comes in and carefully sits down in a chair.
A jean overshirt reaches down to her shaky hand, 
fingers bent with age. She arranges herself.
She bends over and slowly ties her tennis shoe.
Sitting back up, she picks up her blue-jean purse and checks the zippers, 
placing it on her lap.
She shifts her weight, settling in. 
As I am being led in, I hear her ask in a strong, bold voice, 
"Where is the nearest drinking fountain?"
The assistant tells her and then sensing it is too far, offers her a cup of water.
In a voice filled with appreciation, she "Yes, thank you".

→ Living with Confidence & Appreciation ← 

← ↑ → ↓

 May you 'live with' many things that fill you, make you laugh 
and keep your heart tender,

Photo by NAE ©2018


Ms. said...

You do!

Liz A said...

Thank you ... I so needed to read this, a pause in the grief over the latest school shooting. Keep your heart tender ...

Mo Crow said...

Yay! for your eyes healing perfectly!

Nancy said...

Michelle~ As do you my friend! xo

Liz~ Yes. I had to. My heart is really too tender at times. That's hard.

Mo~ Yes, Yay! :) The relief of that stitch NOT being there is huge...sadly, the tears of the most recent school shooting are a good lubricant. :(

Anonymous said...

what a great structure for sharing vignettes -- and since you are a natural storyteller -- brava! Glad the eye is healing.... and for contrast, read the story of the Gordian knot --

Nancy said...

Dee~ Oh, thank you for telling me that...and thanks for the link too. Interesting. The eye IS getting better, so grateful.