Monday, February 26, 2018

Saying Goodbye

Why is it so hard to say goodbye to certain old belongings?
I've been cleaning out old books that I no longer need.
Some are so easy to let go of, some are impossible (like my mama's old books), and 
some are somewhere in between.

This stack of 'art' books are like that.
Most of them were bought or gifted to me back in the first decade of the 2000's.
It was a time of both highs and lows for me.
It was a time of Giant Creative Thinking!
Notice I say "thinking" not "doing" ~ although there was some of that too.

But now looking back, I think it was a time of seeing myself in new ways, finding new sources of enjoyment and expression.  Finding my community (we've all been speaking of).

So, when I think of letting these books go, it is like letting budding me go.
In addition to that, I am only half-way content with the idea that
all the money I spent back then served its purpose.
I let go of all my quilting magazines a while back.
The time is now for the books.
These books are like new.

I humor myself with the idea that I could gift them to someone else,
who may find pleasure with them.
So here they are.  If you want one, just let me know :)
You could gift them too ;)

Al-pha-bet-i-ca Lynne Perrella (2006)

Tags Reinvented (2004)

Hippie Crafts (2004)

Grids to Stitch (2006)

The Photo Transfer Handbook (2006)

1000 Artist Trading Cards (2007)

Exploring Textile Arts (2002)

Fabric Dying for Beginners (2003)
Felt Wee Folks (2003)

Very Easy Crazy Patchwork (2007) - Paperback

One quilt - One Moment, Quilts That Change Lives (2000)

The Creative Entrepreneur (2008)

Blogging for Bliss (2009)

The Happy Book (2009)

Organizing Your Craft Space (2006)

House Beautiful Art (2001)

Art Quilts A Celebration (2005)

Creative Quilting The Journal Quilt Project (2006)

They all held such inspirational ideas/photographs and were so fun to look through.
My next step will be to donate them (any that are left).
I don't have it in me to try and sell them.

You can copy and paste links if you want to know more,
creating links was too eye-consuming!

I return to the doctor tomorrow.  Yay!
There is a storm coming in.
It looks soothing.
It looks like a soft watercolor painting.

May all of your gatherings and letting goes be smooth and
all of your storms be gentle enough.

Photos by NAE ©2018


Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) may your eye heal perfectly

Liz A said...

I have the same problem ... too many books. So thank you for the offer, but ...

In the past I've sold books to the local Half Price Book Store, but what they pay is almost insulting. Fortunately, your post triggered a long-lost memory of a way to "release books into the wild" for others to find. So I googled it and made my way to BookCrossing and actually found a record of your first title as it made its way from one person to another:

Now I'm thinking I may do this myself ... so thank you, as always, for a post that made me think!

Nancy said...

Thanks Mo!

Liz~ hey thanks. I'll check out these resources, but I'll probably just donate them to the organization here. They pick books right up at your door and give the books away at local events. I've picked up a book or two at the Pow Wow or Week of the Young Child event. I donated all of my magazines to them. No money for me, but the 'feel good' quotient is high!!

Nancy said...

Liz...that was pretty interesting. Reminded me of The Little Free Library (Another option), without the tracking aspect.