Sunday, February 25, 2018

How We Visit - Where We Go

I spent a long time through last week over at Deb's place, reading all 26 of her ABC posts in one fell swoop!  I'd read some of them here and there, but one night I took the time to read from A-Z and leave comments.  What a delight!  When I got to "T"...I thought of this video clip for "C".  It is one of my all time favorites, sometimes just flashing into my mind for no  particular reason!


Then as I lay falling asleep, I kept thinking of more 'words' that hold meaning for me.  Such an interesting exercise.  I have always loved alliteration.  J. expresses the opposite view. Haha  As a teacher of young children, it speaks to me, so her posts or comments that strung many letter words together in a sentence were so fun for me!  The book that inspired her, in part, is one of my long-time favorites.  I had even emailed her about it, before I read the connection!!

I was able to go through all of those posts, post myself and read other favorite blogs because I've had more free time lately as I have spent the last week off of FB.  I have been feeling overwhelmed with the news of the world, our world, my world...and I thought to narrow down my world view.  It is an experiment.  So far, there are a few things I miss (but so far not enough to check in over there).  Among other 'friends', I miss chatting daily with:

They all post fun, funny, interesting, thought-provoking and sometimes outrageous things!
I enjoy that. 
I read their "friends'" comments and have my circle widen.
I treasure that.
I've learned a lot, heard some great music, seen some beautiful artwork 
and laughed at many memes, cartoons or jokes.
I like that.
I miss that.

I miss the ability to keep up with local happenings and people I know.  But here is the truth, my truth.  Nothing changes if I don't find out the local happenings and not one of my 'friends' has reached out to me to say "Hey, I haven't seen you on FB your post saying you wouldn't be ok...whatcha up to?"  Or anything of the sort.  People are into their own lives with those around them daily.  It has been quiet.  I like quiet, but that does sorta make one wonder what is real...what is true.  Ya know?  And my truth is only one of those local people reached out to me about my recent eye surgery. Once.  I can say that here.  Only my "cloth people" come here. At least that is how it seems.  (Haha Just misspelled that 'seams'!!)  In all of my blogging years family or long time friends come here barely.  I see this as my sacred space, which is an extension of Jude's spirit cloth world/community. I am so grateful for this community.  Every time I try to express that...well it is hard to do.  Folks over at Hazel's and Hazel herself help with this expression.
YOU are all my people, my circle, my tribe and you are so important to me!

As long as I am talking about 'visiting' and 'people'...
Yesterday I went to the Emergency Room.  This is a First for me in my 58 years, but my eye starting acting up again on Friday.  This has been not only uncomfortable/painful, but so disappointing.  Anyway, after talking to the 'after hours advice nurse' (covering her own butt) - who really knew nothing about something so specific & made a comment that made me worry more...I went to my local urgent care...who sent me to the less local ER.

We got there to an almost empty waiting room!  What a relief!  I thought it would be packed with flu patients!  I was nervous and not too hopeful, after all this is a specialty.  But, I still had it in me to notice & wonder...

What on earth is a "Cough Station"?!  From the fliers and trash can below, I got a bit more information.  But, I much preferred sitting there wondering at the ridiculousness of it!  I supposed if I needed to cough, I would go stand near the pillar?!! 

My vitals were taken upon check-in and information gathered (or questions merely asked).  Questions asked again in the first "little room"...then again in the next "little room"...and then yet again by the ER doctor.  I knew in my heart that I would get no answers.  The doctor was very nice and she made the phone call to the ophthalmologist on call...mine happened to be on call this weekend!  This was the first bit of 'good' news.  But, there is nothing much to do until I try to get in for an appointment on Monday. There may be yet another stitch in there to be removed.  I'll find out more when I go in.  But right now I am uncomfortable and grumpy.  If I knew there was more stitch(es) in there, I woulda saved myself one hundred bucks by NOT going into the ER!  Ugh.  I'm trying hard not to be super mad about all of this.
But, of course considering could be worse.  I can cover those charges, I can stand the pain level, I can see.  I've just had another lay low weekend and I would like it is I felt better.  2018 has already felt long.  But, for two ER patients there when I was getting past the pain may not be as easy.  A man and a young woman, both with injured hands.  I could feel the tension in the man's back and shoulders as he cradled his hand and shifted his weight.  I could feel the pain the young woman was going through as the tears silently fell down her cheeks, sitting twisted in her chair.  In my own discomfort, I had to look away.  
My people watching skills aren't always easy on me!

They didn't even open their cool onward to next week!

Meanwhile, things move, grow and thrive around here.  This is good.  This brings me joy.

It turns out this hummingbird loves our Aloe Vera plant!
This plant was given to us by our neighbor.  it was not doing well at that time.  
It was small and in a pot...then it fell over and moved itself into the ground.
Now it is thriving!

The same neighbor gave J. this cactus.  It looked awful!
He re-potted it and watered it and loved it anyway.
It is so much healthier now...and even has a little bloom!
Look at that!  
·♥·  Tiny bits of joy!   ·♥·

The roses around here were recently pruned back.
Now they all have gorgeous new leaves and some buds!
This one is on Mama's Rose!  Isn't she a beauty?!

 May you all feel well (enough) and surrounded by people who care.
May you all have time and presence of mind to notice, ponder and find joy!

Photos by NAE ©2018


Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) x fingers your eye specialist gets this sorted!

Marti said...

Sending healing thoughts and the hope that your eye appt brings a simple, swift resolution to your eye problem. No matter what presents to you Nancy, you face the challenges with grace, strength and humor, and in so doing, you bring us connection and joy. Finding joy has become so needed during this time of tumult and yes, I will say despair. Joy is the balance but I am not speaking of that over the top, confetti tossing, sparkly, spangly kind of joy. We need deeper than that and we can find it in the our daily lives, if we stop and quiet ourselves. In so doing, we notice the gifts nature has for us this day, in so doing, we take to heart words written on a blog that speak of a day in the life of a woman. In so doing, Nancy, you bring us real life and it wraps around us like a hug. May my comment do the same for you.

jude said...

well this was all just swell. to find you here. sharing a lot of things that have been running through my head. i was in the emergency room for a tick bite this past year. I'm fine but what a weird feeling it left me with.
Have we made our world too large?
I'm thinking that lately. Back to the blog where it seems like home, talking to myself and whoever has the mind to visit.
love you.

Liz A said...

This post is full to overflowing ... and I shake my head as I try to imagine your pain and distress. Impossible to do. And I hope that all shall be well sooner rather than later.

So here I am, grateful as you are for the circle of cloth. Thankful that you put me (back) on to Bee Creative. Enjoying J's green thumb (I have a similarly skillful greensman in my household ... whereas I an the mad pruner aka cactus whacker in the family.

And thank you ... here I found joy

Nancy said...

Mo~ Thank you! I hope so too, as I've learned I am not so great at this eye-pain thing :)

Marti~ Thank you. Yes, simple and swift. I thought I was done seeing silver 'tools' coming at my eye! Your comments are always a hug Marti. Your gift with words speak of things I sometimes need to learn or know but haven't quite been able to say or are just so eloquent that you take my breath away and touch my heart so deeply. That quiet joy is easier to find than we think, isn't it?

Jude~ Sometimes I do think it is too large, too much information, too many opinions, too many people... But, coming home always feels right. You and your blog and the circle is what started it all for me, what has become home. Words are not enough. xo Love you too.

Liz~ Thank you for always coming here and sharing your thoughts. You do not want to be able to imagine (feel) this eye stuff. Honest. I'm super glad you rediscovered Deb's blog. I have been away for too long too! Have a joy-filled day!

Els said...

Hi Nancy, it's sooooo GOOD that we have this cloth community
(thanks to Jude, YES !) I know what you mean about FB (shallow
is the best I can think of ...)

Ahhhh ...LOVE that hummingbird ! (we don't have any .... ahh
sorry that's not totally true : daughter has a hummingbird tattoo)

Hope all goes well with your eye my dear Nancy !!! All the best !

Nancy said...

Els~ Yes, isn't it just the best?! So there are no hummingbirds where you live at all? Mmmm. Go to the doc tomorrow :)

Deb G said...

This is such a sweet thing. :) I love that you came back and read through them all, it helped me see the posts as a whole. Hope you are continuing to mend. Much love!

Nancy said...

Thanks Deb. It has been nice to visit you again.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

things about eyes are really hard for me. I can;t imagine at all, having the courage to address them, courage for surgery,

about people...i have come to a place with maybe this kind of people are "there" or dont seem to be, but i;ve come to understand that they come when they can. I have no idea really, about anyone;s life, what challenges it gives the day to day, so i a just so happy when they appear

Nancy said...

Oh Grace~ Blessings to you for sharing your point of view. Perhaps I should practice rolling with things/people. Relaxing a bit. I've had many let down experiences in my life. I should let those go as well as papers and books! Thanks my friend. xo
As for eyes, it has been hard, that's for sure.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

we all can practice "rolling". For me now, rolling could be my
middle name. and your eyes, i just sit with my palms cupped over
mine and breath to you, to your eyes, breath wellness and ease.
Love and Love

Nancy said...

Grace~ You've got me singing "Rawhide"...Rollin', rollin' rollin'... :)
Thank you deeply for your warm breathing. I feel your support. Eye is feeling better already since stitch removal yesterday.Yay!