Sunday, February 18, 2018

Feeding the Soul

These days. These days, how does one feed their soul?
How does one keep HOPE alive?
We return to nature,
where we feel small in the bigness of our earth.
We read to find connection,
to find what we need
*Altered photograph

We see the world through our heart,
intentionally framing all we see, looking for the light in all. 

Log that held Rock, *see below

We look for old friends
again and again.

And when they're not right in view, 
we look again...
we widen the circle,
we look closer and further.

And we walk together,
for together we are stronger

'In a time of destruction, create something: a poem, a parade, 
a community, a school, a vow, a moral principle; one peaceful moment' 
~Maxine Hong Kingston  

We embrace the history, even as time marches on.

We seek balance and look for openings that will support us
during these days.

We search for this.

We don't give up.

We find our way around the roadblocks of life
We refuse to remain locked into things that are not working,
are unjust and do not serve us and our fellow man.

No matter how small what we are doing seems,
we keep doing it because that is what feeds us.

Today we went on a short hike to our regular trail.

We embraced the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the breeze, 
the songs of the birds
and the fun of our traditions.

*We looked for my old friend Rock.
I look every time we hike this trail, 
but many years have passed.

You first met Rock on my first find.
Then again for a second time.

And then again for a recap on the hike where I impressed the Forest Ranger 
with my story of

We took many of our traditional two of us selfies.
They almost always have J.'s head partially cut off.
That's how we roll :)

May you find ways to move through these days with grace, humor and lots of love,
Take care,

Photos by NAE ©2018


Marti said...

Prescription for our days, the healing gift of nature. Beautifully written words Nancy.

Tina Zaffiro said...

Such a beautiful post ... thank you

Mo Crow said...

there is hope and love and light to be found even in the middle of a war zone, bearing witness to these strange days

taiqi said...

A lovely, thoughtful blog entry. Thank you for bringing to the front of your life and thinking. We need hope--especially now

Nancy said...

Marti~ Thanks Marti. Nature does heal, doesn't it? So calming, so needed.

Tina~ And thank you!

Mo~ Yes, bearing witness and looking hard for hope.

Taiqi~ Thank you for reading and coming along on the trail with me.

Anonymous said...

agree that this is a lovely blog post. 'don't give up!' -- how important that is. how important to peek about for grace and humor and to allow us our stabilizing and pleasure-giving routines. Love the picture of that white-barked tree. It glows.

Nancy said...

Dee~ Not giving up, although tempting, is what we can do, yes? Thank you for reminding me, I meant to label that photo as altered, as I boosted the color and such so readers could see what I saw. I also faded the edges and 'framed' it so readers could see the branch as a heart-like shape as I did. Thanks for being here with me Dee.

Ms. said...

Marking days and nights together with hope and light. Your photographs are wonderful and how do you manage to get links to open on a separate page?

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Thanks! Glad to bring you some beautiful blue skies!
When you click on the 'link' icon, a box pops up - where you place the link and the word(s) you want highlighted for people to click on over to the link. Within that box, bottom left, there is a box you can check that states: open link in new window (or something like that). Good luck.

Liz A said...

This is my third (or fourth?) visit to see your shadows juxtaposed with the permanence of mountain, the elusiveness of stone ... and to read words that consider creation in its many guises. Thank you for this thought-provoking post.

Nancy said...

Liz~ Really? That many visits? I am deeply touched. Way up on that mountain, near the bare face of the rock...there is a very small waterfall! One time, we hiked to the smaller fall towards the bottom. I hope to be in shape to do that again. I hope for rain that will bring it back to life a bit. xo

susan hemann said...

wonderful post, just what I needed today, it's hard to stay upbeat sometimes

Nancy said...

Susan~ Yes, it is. Glad I could help.

Judy Martin said...

very thoughtful . thank you.

Nancy said...

Oh my, Judy ~ Thank you so much. Your words and you commenting here mean a lot to me.

Deb G said...

Resilience. :)

Nancy said...

Deb~ Thank you so much for this comment! Yes, I guess it is!! Thanks :)