Thursday, April 13, 2017


In mid-March my sister and I went to the Wisteria Festival.
It was my second time.  
The first was in the early 2000's with my mama.

I mentioned it in this old post from 2.5 years ago.
Looking back at this old post, it is a comfort to read the comments 
and remember those who used to come here 
and be reminded of those who still do.
We've shared many years together and I am grateful.

Walking into the festival, a door with a quote:
" We must not assume a door is closed, but must push on it.  We must not assume if it was closed yesterday that it is closed today."
~Marian Wright Edelman

You can learn more about the Wisteria history here.

*As always click on photos to enlarge

My mama's photo is being held up at the corner of the porch, where the original Wisteria was planted in 1894  Almost all of the other places it touches the ground, are runners off of the original plant.  It covers an acre of land and is in the Guinness Book of World Records!
The Wisteria against the mountains was pretty dramatic 
on such a bright and beautiful day!
Beautiful succulent in town

The festival was filled with food, art and music.
We treated ourselves to t-shirts that make a statement from Just Buddha.
I chose "Be Compassion"...because it seemed like the world, my world could use more of that and I figured I could start with me.

Old postcard from my first visit.
Time is not linear in my world sometimes,
as I travel back in memory or live in the moment or consider the future!
Haha, hey why not!
 May you enjoy your own travels!
Photos  by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2017


Hazel said...

Wisteria…sigh… more thoughts of "Enchanted April" and some for my mom, too. Sounds like a lovely outing. Imagining the scent that must have filled the air.

Anonymous said...

love seeing you! and the Edelman quote -- it fits your meandering travels through time, in a way. who says it should be linear? and that wisteria? really unbelievable.

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Oh my goodness...the scent was so strong! I didn't remember that from my first visit years ago. I could never live there, it was really too much.

Dee~ Yeah, maybe linear isn't always what it is cracked up to be! haha

Marti said...

"Time traveling" with you Nancy is always such a treat. Lovely to see the photos of you and your sister at the Wisteria Festival, equally moving and lovely to see you and your Mom at the same festival. Festivals by their very nature promise unexpected joys and memories and your sharing this with us is such a gift.

Nancy said...

Marti~ Aw, thanks Marti! You are so right, festivals are so much fun to go see what you may see :) It's nice to know I am able to share that.

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

lovely quote
and oh my that wisteria! my parents have one in their town garden, it isn't quite as long ;-) but very sturdy and strong, almost tree like

how truly wonderful you went with your sister, these things matter

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Ah, so you know of the sweet, but strong scent of the Wisteria! You are right, they do matter, these small moments in time. They are all that Really Matters.