Sunday, March 26, 2017

Two Sundays

Two Sundays
One by foot, one by car...

 Off we go, past the locks...
 Past the rock tucked into the metal post...
 We come across this creature, which has seen better days.
This is not something we see everyday around here.
 From looking down, to looking up...
X marks the spot!
 Someone leaves their branch hut behind...
Fallen tree, neatly stacked
The recent rains brought down a few trees in this area
 Beautiful blooms
 You can see forever!!
 Hiked back to the first waterfall, which had water due to the recent rains!
 Heading out, and under!
 We are so very lucky to have many hiking choices so close to home.
Our path today was to the left of the one where I found the same rock, twice!
I told the park ranger we saw this day, the story of the twice found rock.
He laughed heartily and was appropriately amazed!
 Saw this guy in the parking lot.  I thought of Saskia.

Today's drive, North.
 The story of two trees
 Rock formations reach for the sky

Lots and lots of yellow mustard!
I know there are a lot of wildflowers in SoCal right now, due to our extra wet season.
But, I didn't have it in me for a long drive or the hoards of people coming in droves to see the Super Blooms.
This short wandering was enough to make Monday feel really far away.

Here's hoping you've been able to wander and enjoy nature in whatever ways you like.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2017


yvette said...

thank you for sharing your made it possibel for me to walk with you


Nancy said...

Yvette~ Thank you for wandering with me!