Saturday, March 25, 2017

Recent Days

Recent Days
Days gone by
Viewed car-bound, commuting
Leisurely walking in and out of

Our home.
At times our sanctuary  from the world at large.
At times.

Work walks.
Sanctuary of another kind.

Come along, won't you?
*As always, click on photo to enlarge

The day after I posted a comment saying 
these flowers that are usually in bloom by now - are not.
Bam, up they all popped! 
Love these bulbs, here when I moved in 17 years ago and evidently, 
still going strong.

Mama rose, blooming and happy in a refreshed, refilled pot of soil.

Wild with new growth from all of the rain!
The gardeners knocked off my poor Indian's feather.  Boo Hoo.

Seen at the weekly shopping.  Pretty wild!

These things are huge!

And we got to sample one!

Sweet, dry, like flavor.

Also seen while shopping.
For some reason the idea of Maxwell House 
celebrating Passover gave me a pause.

More rain and they look pretty battered.
No worries though, they were back to their perky selves soon after!

Arriving home to another storm

*Altered photo
It was so BLACK in this direction!!
I tried to alter the photo to really capture how it looked, 
as my camera didn't do a very good job.
This was close, not perfect.
 This was the night our valley got rain, thunder, lightening, and hail!
Big deal for SoCal!

Tiny delicate flower lifts my spirits on my work walk.
It was about the size of a dime!

Work neighborhood soil, dirt, earth.
I have a fascination of the different shades of Earth.
Like people-colored crayons used in preschools.
I thought I'd finally snap a picture of one of the colorations (my word) 
I'd been noticing. 
I keep thinking a window ledge with glass bottles of Earth would really be something, wouldn't it?

*Note: I'm going to try and binge blog.  I've taken so many photos lately 
of things I want to remember here. So, bare with me or ignore me altogether! 

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2017


Ms. said...

Don't when you can and for pleasure only. I love these photos, the two storm shots from two directions, Maxwell House passover made me laugh...and all the rest lovely. Bottles of earth...jars of earth. Nice idea...Also, mix dirt with linseed oil and you can paint with it.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Oh, I'm not worried! I just have more ideas and photos than time! That storm sky was something! xo my friend, Nancy