Monday, January 2, 2017

Here, but not really

Every day I think I am going to make a post.
I read other's posts and feel a slight inspiration.
I consider using a time-marker to push me.  Ya know like Thanksgiving or Winter Solstice or The Holidays or The New Year or certain projects, events or feelings.
I have photographs.  I have ideas.  I've even had links.

But in the end, I got nothing.

Maybe soon.  Just know that I've read many of your posts, commented somewhat...and still care.  Just not writing right now.

Maybe soon.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

when it's not there, it's not there. I still check to see
if there's something, no, so i think it must not be
the Time for it. But you are Always Here/There in my mind and
my heart. it's ok......i'll wait.
LOVE to you as you wander

Nancy said...

Thank you for checking Grace.

Ms. said...

Ha! I think of you often. I have a book I want to send but don't get to the post or don't have postage when I do. I may never blog again. New year - I set up a brand new blog BUT It was a change for change sake, impulsive. I immediately hit a wall since blogger has changed it's format and I can't seem to find out where the heck to add gadgets in without erasing what I've already customized for that first post. Wanted to add the moon phases and maybe some photos in the side bar and text. AND I can't just transfer my 'followers' but have to hope folks will sign up again! Jude said folks fall away odten and don't re-register. Hours of tweaking and I just got too weary to get any further. Both my right thumb and my growing aversion to a glowing screen are limiting my ability to focus for long. Here is the first post

jude said...

oh hell, how ever it goes is fine for most of us. glad to find you here...
happy new year!

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yes and I think of you and am glad to 'see' you on FB as that seems to be where I am lately.

Jude~ It was a hard year, trying to recover. Glad to see you here, although I do read all of your posts, so I see you there too :) Yes Happier New Year to you too.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

ahhh and oh. ok. you are just being on Facebook....ok. a lot of
people have made that change....
i thought you were just floating, un attached. ok. well,
i'll still be hanging around here waiting. remain a non FB person.

Nancy said...

Grace~ Not really a change, I've always been both places. FB is mindless floating for me, so it is a good place to not think a lot. Thanks for being here.

Liz Ackert said...

I get it ... after a year of blogging daily I'm scaling back, but I'm still constantly writing in my head, imagining posts that never see the light of day.

Whatever you do ... or don't ... may it bring you peace, maybe even joy. And know we are here for you. Always.

Nancy said...

Liz~ Thank you so much for your comment. The understanding and kindness in your words means so much to me. It has been a difficult 2016 in my world. Sigh.

Mo Crow said...

"just going" as Jude says

Nancy said...

Mo~ Absolutely!

handstories said...

I hope you are taking care, Nancy. I come by and peek in your window to see if you're home. Sometimes finding the energy and words at the same time is hard. When you're ready for some company, you might just put a photo up now and then & we'll come keep you company around it, or maybe you need some alone time to re-energize? I get that. Love to you.

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Thank you friend.

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

hi there dear, sweet Nancy
think of you a lot
no matter you haven't posted for a while
big love to you
happy new year too sasx

Nancy said...

Sasx~ It means a lot to be thought of. Really. Thanks Sasx.

yvette said...

a lot of thinking about you....but please don't feel obligations
it kills you
i know by experiance
you're in many readinglists as you see so if you write we're their
if not..
another has the same problem what should be no problem at all
here still, on top of a pile is a item to be sent to long now...does it matter?



Nancy said...

Yvette~ Yes, isn't it amazing how much one does not Have to do! No worries about the package, whenever you do, you do. Big love to you.

Peggy said...

Hi Nancy, seeing this post was nice. I am on and off FB -- but I see you there every so often. There is that thing about time and how it softens the hard edges. Maybe this year will be softer. xo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Thanks and softer would be nice. Hugs to you.