Saturday, October 10, 2015

Talk About Slow

AKA: All In Good Time

Well if you jump in my time machine and travel back a little more 
than two years down the trail to here'll see at the very end of the post a little chap all packed and ready to go. 

You'll see Mr. PR.

Mr. PR

 Look at that face!  In true Nancy fashion, things around here move at a s-l-o-w pace.  But, I've got to tell you all that Mr. PR has not minded one bit.  He has spent his days packing and unpacking his suitcase, visiting "The Girls" (my neighbors chickens) in the back 40,  and listening the pleas, rants and ideas of The Gang.

It turns out many of them want to travel with him.
Dutch Boy has said repeatedly that he is tall and strong and could help carry his bag and help with the little ones.  He reminds Mr. PR about the time he held back all of the water in the dike!!!  He says that surely he could be put to good use on this trip and in this new community.  I smile when they have these conversations as Dutch Boy is usually so quiet and looks to be so shy.  Yet, he is a confident young man nonetheless and he speaks proudly of what he has done and what he feels he could contribute.  He reminds Mr. PR that when he held back the water, he was at first working all alone.  He worked alone until it was almost unbearable and he thought he would fail.  But, then others saw him and came to help too.  He insists it was his quiet steadfastness that drew the others in and in the end, saved the whole community as they all worked together.

It turns out that Mr. PR is a good listener.  He not only wallows in the dusty dirt out back, but he wallows in the feelings of others.  He heard Dutch Boy, reflected on what he said and decided he had presented a truthful case.  
Dutch Boy is now anxiously awaiting the journey.

Mr. PR and Dutch Boy fooling around.  Silly guys!
 Meanwhile, the Twins and their Big Baby Sister all listened to this conversation as they rested in their spots.  You see, all three have been very young for many years.  For a long while now, the three of them have not been feeling as well as one would think they would.
I mean, look at these girls (yes, you are right the are not identical twins, although sometimes they can fool people!)

The Twins
They are so adorable and look so healthy within their little bodies.
But, alas...sometimes looks can be deceiving.  All of these years later and wellness fades.
Over here, we love them and Big Baby Sister just the same.  They have shown us all that each one of us has something to contribute to the community.  The twins are our sweethearts.  They are the two who soothe the hurt feelings and settle the squabbles between the others.  Maybe being a twin has given them an extra edge on learning how to compromise and live together.  They've asked to travel on the journey because they heard the stories of the far-away place and think there may be healing properties there for them.
They KNOW there will be fun and lots of new folks to meet, which really excites them!  They've convinced Mr. PR (and Dutch Boy agrees) that they have something to offer and something to gain from this trip.  Isn't that how life should be? they ask in their diplomatic voices.  Big Baby Sister listened.  She then said, in no uncertain terms (putting down her bigger baby foot, if you will) that if The Twins are going, then she she shall be going too.  She asked Dutch Boy to help her gather her things.  I hope the days of travel are not too hard on her she is almost 50 years young-old.

The others overheard the plans of the Three Babies...more of The Gang began to speak up!

So, as all of this conversation and chatter and convincing and...well...there has been no compromising really...has been going on...I've been busy trying to make their trip come together.
I thought it was close.
I really did.
Letters were written.
Odds and Ends collected.
Yarn Fibers had long, long ago spoken. 
Scraps of fabric lay in wait.
All of The Gang, who had asked, pleaded, demanded or begged to go...were ready.

Cloth spoke.



Now we all know there is a grand difference between fabric and cloth. 

Cloth Speaks
This cloth said "NANCY...what are you thinking???  You always send something with at least a stitch or two on it...some sort of Story Starter.  Why have you allowed so many of The Gang to go and gathered the other Goodies...and not considered sending a stitch?  Especially when you look everyday at the beautiful stitches of hers, of Saskia's 
~ which hang on the wall within easy view.

Well, what could I do, but listen to Vintage Cloth Chick?!

Vintage Cloth Chick
So, in between her sips of The Bubbly, I'm putting some stitches into her neighborhood.
I'm trying real hard not to spill as I stitch!

OK, OK Vintage Cloth Chick, I heard ya!


I better get back to work before someone else around here speaks up!
I sure hope Saskia is ready for the influx of those hearing about her beautiful promised land!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015


Ms. said...

Better late than never :--)

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Ha! So true, so true :)

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

oh, we are looking forward to their arrival!!!!! fortunately extra rooms have been added and so their will be enough beds to sleep in, adequate bathing facilities and several stoves for cooking: let the merriment begin, sooner rather than later!

Mo Crow said...

oh ha, love your vintage chick!

Nancy said...

Saskia~ The excitement is building!

Mo~ She is some fine chick, isn't she? :)

Peggy said...

Looks like a fun adventure ahead and Saskia's ready!

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Yes I sure hope so!