Monday, July 13, 2015

A Start with the Blues

Just starting.
A slow start, but ideas are coming.

This is a very quick post before work, so no links and please forgive any errors and such.
Colors are not true here. 

I'll come back and edit tonight.

Blues, books and words
First grabs at cloth.  The sewn blue piece at the top is 
the middle of the collar used on Els' gift.

I chose my 'books' fabric as my square will be for Cynthia Hurd, who was a librarian.

The blue grid was a gift from Peggy.

Shirt, minus the collar
I've been planning to change the hemline and this gives me a great reason to do so. 
It gives me more blues.
I really don't have much indigo around here...or much of any indigo!

Cloth from Deb
 Not real sure about these blues, but I was pulling out all of my choices to consider.


I remembered the 'finger paint' blue on the right in my shower last night.
I like that it has fingerprints embedded in it.

That's it for this morning.
I'll alter the post or post anew tonight.
Until then, you can head over to Dee's blog for more.

Have a good Monday, Nancy

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015


Els said...

So good to know the middle of the collar goes into this Nancy :-)
(I hope your day was as good as mine, dear friend)

Anonymous said...

exciting beginning. I like the idea of books for Cynthia Hurd. the fingerprint swirls are to die for. it reminds me of a post I saw recently from Charleston where tiny fingerprints in colonial bricks evidence the efforts of the very young enslaved.

Nancy said...

Els~ Oh, I'm glad you feel that way. My day was good :)

Dee~ I got a whole set of that finger paint fabric on our long road trip in 2010. I love it too :) I remember that post with the little fingerprints. So sad.