Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This hike will look considerably different next time...the hills are on fire.  Lot's of smoke here at my house, as the fire is at the end of my street.  Not great for asthma.

See the beauty-filled first post here.

I hope the wild turkeys are ok!

Thanks for checking in here on the trail, Nancy

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015


deanna7trees said...

hope things calm down. not a good situation. be safe.

Nancy said...

Looks much better now (10:15). Thanks Deanna.

Marti said...

Yikes, I read this at a little after 4:30 am Thurs morning but am relieved to see that you commented on things looking better last night Nancy: may today continue to be a day of less wind and no more fires sprouting here and there, above all, stay safe Nancy.

wholly jeanne said...

"Not good for asthma" seems an understatement, Sugar. Keep posting updates, and know that I look forward to the one that says "It's out now." Take good care.

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

fingers crossed here, take care

Mo Crow said...

be safe Nancy

Nancy said...

Marti~ Yes, things are better day by day. Fire now long out, air clearing. All is well.

Jeanne~ Thanks. The fire is out and the days are getting clearer and clearer.

Saskia~ We're good. Thanks :)

Mo~ Fire out, life just going! Thanks Mo.