Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hope Help Healing (a day of support and rememberance)

Yesterday an anniversary no parent should have to 'celebrate'.
For how does a parent celebrate the  death of their beautiful 12 year old son?
So, it was a day to miss and mourn and remember.
It was a day to hold one another gently.
For as the year anniversary arrives, each one has moved through the year of 'firsts' 
in their own personal way.
Together.  Alone.

Today was a day to come together to raise money & awareness & support.
2015 Walk/5K Run for Kids with Cancer

That these two days fell around the Spring Equinox ~ feels hopeful.

Super Brother awaits the announcement to begin the walk

Families start the walk
 More than 1000 people joined the walk in the beautiful California sunshine.  
You can read more here.
Campus Sculpture
 The walk is held at our local community college, a wonderful campus.  It has grown so much over the years since I worked there.  There are several new sculptures, new learning programs and a new vineyard too.

Campus Vineyard

I am given a new blue Michael Hoefflin Foundation Bracelet.  It says, "hope help healing".
In our bright green Team Christopher t-shirts, red Angels hats, red photographic buttons and green ChangeWorks
bracelets...we make up a colorful group of friends and family.

If you choose to read the work of the ChangeWorks group (follow the link), I'm sure you will be as impressed as I am with these young people, who are working so hard to get the word out there about this awful disease.

Christopher's spirit lives on in each of us.
The Christopher Effect 

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015

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