Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Go North Old Gal

I was lucky enough to head up North last Saturday 
to visit friends & former sibling students and their family.
These children I once care for as infants and young toddlers are now 10 and 12 and both amazing human beings.  I feel so blessed to have the relationships with them and their parents continue for all these years.
We still share a bond.
We enjoyed a good meal and a nice walk.

Some of you may remember the beautiful butterfly post from years passed.
The butterflies had already traveled on, but the gardens, trees, smells and ocean views were as lovely as always.

The trip through one of my favorite valleys and up the coast was alive with spring green, bright sunlight and our sparkling blue-green ocean.  

I wish I could bring you along on such a glorious day.

Anyway, here is a short photo journey.

A tiny hummingbird nest rests on the lights under a an awning on my friend's patio.
Now, that's a tiny house!!

A neighbor's garden, already a riot of color.

Don't these look like stitches?!!
AKA a Kantha Succulent!

 See that short trail in the ocean?

Here is a closer view.  I loved the brightness of the green in the dimming light of day.

 Sunset on the water.  Sizzle.
This weekend it is supposed to be about 94 degrees!
It's only March, I'm not ready for summer.

That's what SoCal looks like!

All sunshine, all the time.

Monday at work, I got to watch these two doves smooching it up in the tree by my car.
So sweet.

May your coming days be filled with this much love, friendship and beauty!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015


deanna7trees said...

oh such gorgeous images. the first time i saw a hummingbird nest (only a picture), it was in someone's rose tiny. would love to see one in person.

Nancy said...

Thanks Deanna. My friend's husband was able to climb up and see inside the nest. It is so tiny, that bulb is just a regular size!

Velma Bolyard said...

i haven't been over for a while and then there's THIS! the hummingbird 's opportunistic nesting spot tickles me!
lovely photo essay.

Nancy said...

Velma~ Hey. Hi. Good to see you here. I like that they chose a spot where they were noticed. Their nests are so tiny, they are easily missed! A real treat.