Sunday, December 14, 2014

Coming Soon

More soon, but for

Morning, driving into work
My favorite thing...putting fabrics together 
Found this long ago purchased weave
Beads and such, found 'em packed up with the above fabrics
I had a plan for all of these things once
Faces Beads
Wooden figures
The moon and the beach rock

Chatting Magnolia Beasts
This is the back...

Time marches on...

Have a good week everyone, Nancy

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


Marti said...

Nancy, Thanks for this delightful show and tell. You have quite the treasure trove of cloth and beads. What a whimsical eye you have (magnolia beasts). I especially love the moon and beach rock. Something about seeing Christmas stockings always gets to me, and yours with a special pocket is truly unique.

deanna7trees said...

oh nice beads and beautifully woven cloth. so many beautiful treasures.

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

this post is like unwrapping a christmas present, wonderful! thank you;-)

Peggy said...

I love your beautiful cloth and beads and that the stocking you're working on? The pocket helps it hold more. :) A good week to you!

Anonymous said...

the beasts are the best!

Nancy said...

Marti~ The beasts were inspired by a post on FB :) Hers were lots cuter. It turns out that I'm not so great at negative space. Still. But it was fun to try.

Deanna~ Thanks. The woven piece is from Old Towne, San Diego!

Saskia~ Tis the season!

Peggy~ This stocking is done. I'll show the front soon. Good week to you too!

Cindy~ Try 'em...I saw the beasts on FB! I had to try it and Magnolia trees on my lunch walks.

Deb G said...

I had some of those face beads, in purples. I used them on bookmarks.
Wishing you joy Nancy...

yvette said...

aaaah unpacking presents!
yesterday a friend was here an he was in love with your woven talisman ?..great e
happy holydays Nancy!
love you

Nancy said...

Deb~ They are great faces, aren't they?!! I made bookmarks by laminating all my old concert ticket stubs! Some have fibers and beads.

Yvette~ Oh, thank you for telling me that! I never really know what folks think of my work! Happy Everything to you!