Sunday, November 2, 2014


The tan is stitched now.

Thick running stitch
All stitching on this cloth is being done with 6 strands.
I have not sewn with all 6 strands since starting with Jude.
But, for The Cloth Called Comfort, I want the texture and feel-ability
of thick embroidery floss.

This special project calls for that.

I came across this on a work walk and for some reason, the red really jumped out at me.

Magnolia seed pod
A red thread, seed pod version!

A couple of days later...
sitting in the yard at work, I glanced up
to see this:

OK, look again...
yep, a 9 patch!

The light coming through the fence was just right, in that exact moment.

For some reason, I felt a deep comfort in noticing that and
for thinking that many of you would have seen it too.

It's nice to have a tribe out there!

I am forever grateful to Jude for creating her special place, that has grown to become our special place.

Off to bed, more another day...

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


Saskia van Herwaarden said...

that pod is unlike anything I've ever seen, just goes to show how little I have seen!
yep, a tribe helping to keep each other warm;-) noticing details like a nine-light-patch

btw thank you for the load of comments you've left, have just finished reading them

jude said...


deanna7trees said...

i, too, like stitching with a thicker thread. when i'm using floss, i've been using 3 strands. it's been just enough for my purpose. nice colors in your stitched piece.

Nancy said...

Saskia~ We had two Magnolia trees growing up, but I did not recall ever seeing the red seeds inside. Yes, warmth for the heart.

Jude~ Hey right back.

Deanna~ I've grown to feel 6 is too thick, but for this it is needed. I now like 2 or 4 best. Thank you for noticing the colors :)

Peggy said...

I'm loving it, thick threads are just right on this -- beautiful photo of your cloth. Really nice post, Nancy.

Velma Bolyard said...

nice, nancy, jude has a special way of teaching

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Yes, this one calls for the thick threads. Thanks :)

Velma~ She sure does.

Anonymous said...

that pod looks like velvet or felt -- amazing! I, like you, find myself 'discovering' nine patches kind of everywhere this fall! I like it when one is created by light (like from the shadows of my upstairs windows).

Nancy said...

You're right...very velvety :) I love how we become so focused on something, that it turns up everywhere!

Anonymous said...

All of the texture of this post makes me want to reach through my screen to run my hand over each item!
Now I will press publish & hope that it actually does this time!

Nancy said...

Cindy~ Isn't it great the texture we can capture with a simple click of the camera!