Monday, September 29, 2014

9-Patch and The Comfort Cloth

Today I start with this.  It's the back of the book I read on my lunch break today.
I thought the 9-patch on the right was timely and I considered that by adding a triangle
to the center could have a triangle/diamond 9-patch there too!

This is the front of the book, which I got at last year's pow wow.

It has many beautiful colorful and pencil drawn illustrations.
I just started looking through it, so I haven't discovered much else yet.


So, I've been working on the cloth, "Comfort". 
It's pretty slow going right now.  I keep placing things there and 
then not feeling sure about them, so I wait.

I slid the two green pieces on the right under the velvet first.
Then I added the tan and last, the two green on the left.

But, it didn't sit right with me.  It looked, stripey.

Some days later, I moved them around, gathering the greens together 
and resting the tans to the edges.

I like this much better, but still I am looking a bit longer before stitching.

Then after listening to Jude's words about 9-patch, 
in particular the 'disappearing 9-patch'...
I thought to add this little bitty 9-patch.
I had thought of having the cloth itself be one of the patches, 
but then I tried having the tiny weave stand in for a patch.

This is not stitched either, I'm still looking.

I am enjoying this cloth.
I am enjoying the stitching and the looking.

Thanks for looking with me.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


jude said...

i have this book!!!!
love your cloths

Anonymous said...

The new arrangement makes me think of music & rhythm.

Marti said...

Sometimes finding "comfort" takes time, time to move around, adjust, find when the sound coming our of your mouth says, "ahhhhh". Same here with this wonderful cloth, and the little 9 patch, well I made an "ahhh" sound just seeing it. Comfort can be large or small and I thank you Nancy for that moment when it came to me just now.

jenclair said...

I like the way your cloth is progressing. Thoughtfully, without haste. Offering so much more than a finished product, the slow pleasure of making.

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

this cloth and the slow development of it has me glued to the screen! I love the colours and the soft textures, it's pulling me in.....and I know oh so well how you feel your way along 'does this work? not quite but maybe if I put these bits together, hmmmm...etc.' this whole process is as much a part of it as the result, nice to be able to share, a Small Journey, ha

grace said...

"and resting the tans to the edges"

love these they are
so restfull .....
i think this a FINE cloth

Mo Crow said...

oh that book has been a favourite for nearly 40 years for those beautiful paintings of shields!

Nancy said...

Jude~ Ha! So you both books I bought that day! Thank you for your words, they mean a lot!

Cindy~ What a nice thought :)

Marti~ I am so glad this brought you the comfort sigh! You're so right, sometimes it is just a soft exhale that means comfort.

Jenclair~ Yes, without haste for sure...super slow cloth.

Saskia~ You're right, the process is really something.

Grace~ Rest is important I think. Thank you for your words here. It means a lot.

Mo~ YES! Each medicine wheel-shield is so beauty & meaning filled!

Anonymous said...

I have owned the book Seven Arrows twice. Loaned twice. I suppose it is a testament to it that I never got either copy back!... I'm with Saskia on how inviting the textures are in the 'stripey' piece, which to me reads like a music score.

Peggy said...

Nancy, I love these colors and your placement of the greens together -- and then the greens in the nine-patch and how they flow right into your sidebars. So beautiful. xo

Nancy said...

Dee~ That does speak of a good book! I see what you say about the music-ness of the stripey one. But, I think I'm going with the 'earthy' one.

Peggy~ Ooh...they do flow into the sidebars! Thanks for telling me that :)