Sunday, September 14, 2014

8~ July Trip

Well in the last post...I quickly hit publish without telling you of the most excellent bookstore in Morro Bay (where some of the garden pictures were taken).  It is called Coalesce and is one of those independent bookstores with a coastal, hippie, liberal feel to it.  One you could stay in for hours!  The garden/chapel area was just wonderful!  Another reason to live in this town in my book!!  Haha no pun intended!! Really.

The other garden pictures were behind a fantastic bead store.  I kinda mixed them up, but no matter.  This was the music store: Central Coast Music.  I wouldn't feel right not linking them all their moment in the sun!  Such cool stores and folks up that way!
I just think it would be wonderful to live somewhere that has gardens behind their stores!

So, on our way home, we made some stops in Avila Beach, a beautiful Central Coast town.
We walked on the pier...

Lots of fish happenings and a cold breeze on this pier.

First pier I've been on that I've seen a fish cleaning station and men hard at work on that task.

The view to the right of the pier (above) and to the left of the pier (below).  I marveled at how different the water looked.  It really was green VS blue as shown in these photos!

The seals were loud and hysterical.  With this whole platform for them to sunbathe on...they all crowded on the corner together.  In fact, they not only crowded, but they fought over space there!  I had to chuckle as I felt the connection to my classroom!

Then we stopped at a farm...AND MORE stand.  There was tons of fruits and vegetables of every kind.  Super delicious white nectarines!! Plus, there was breads and specialty candies and honey...and more!

What a scene!

Right along side the edibles, there were all sorts of animals!
Horses, goats, chickens, rabbits...and more!  I of course thought of Grace when I saw the goats.  Their floppy ears looked so soft, I wanted to feel them!

Crazy Beatles haircut!!

This one was super tall

This place was jam packed with families with young children.  It was really nice to see so many out enjoying the beautiful day together.  It reminded me of something I would have done when my children were young.

Enjoying a tractor ride

For how many posts I made out of this short trip and for how long it has taken me to post may get the idea that I really like looking back on this trip.  Well, they'd be right!  It was a wonderful trip that I'd do again in a heartbeat.  Like I said, I'd love to live on the Central Coast!
Next post: some animals and cloth...

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


Ms. said...

Love that you thought of a classroom of kids with those seals.....such a beautiful bunch of everything. So now, on the lip of October, you can still mine that July trip. Isn't it looking a t garden catalogs when snow falls :-)

Judy Martin said...

It was lovely to feel your enthusiasm for your trip. thank you for sharing it.

We are just back from a wonderful week away to a place with an ocean shore as well - canada's newfoundland.

It's so good to get out of our own boxes and see how others live and how beautiful the world is.


Nancy said...

Michelle~ Exactly!

Judy~ I agree, I've been amazed seeing different parts of the different, so much the same.

Saskia said...

amazing trip. it was fun 'traveling' with you in the mind