Sunday, July 20, 2014

1~July Trip 2014

We were very, very lucky to have a few days with the boy and his girlfriend.
They had traveled from their home in the east to the coast here in the west.
We met up in Moro Bay and did a day trip into Big Sur.

We waved goodbye to our oddly diseased sunflowers...super hot weather, and off we went.
Notice that the sunflowers are currently headless.  We think the squirrels have been busy.

Some of the sunflowers never even got 
all of their petals.
                                                                                          Some got their petals, but ended up brown right away.   We think an insect of some sort was at work here.  We also had diseased apricots this year.  They were all covered in odd brown spots and split in half and fell off the tree, before they could even ripen. We did not get even one apricot this year.  So sad as they are the most delicious apricots usually.

This is the first post of trip pics.
I took lots of photos, so I am breaking it down into a few posts!

We stopped at Lake Cachuma.
Look how low the water is!
This is what drought in SoCal looks like.

So dry, but still pretty.

Once into Moro Bay, we of course had to walk out to the "rock"!
Girlfriend's friend lives nearby and went with us.
She is a naturalist and had lots of local information to share with us.
She even shared the surfer's secret hand sign for "three towers & the rock"!  haha

We walked by some street art and dipped our feet in the quite cold ocean water.

Believe it or not...this is a sculpture and not really an old truck seat!
Isn't it realistic?


I had to laugh at the way this bird was standing!

I gave my son his great-grandfather's WWI discharge button.
My mom wore this on her charm bracelet my whole life.  In her last summer, she had the charm bracelet taken apart.  She then had my sister place the charms in little plastic bags with labels as to what they were.  This is the one she always intended for my son.  I picked out a couple for my daughter too.

A.S.K 1918
After driving north and walking about the wharf for about three miles, all four of us were tired!  After dinner, we called it a night, so we would be rested and ready for our big hike the next day!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


saskia said...

so this is an interesting trip for one who lives so far away! I've googled all the place names you mentioned to try and get my head around it all: the scale of this state.....the distances you have to travel compared to the Netherlands, wow
it makes me want to come and see with my own eyes what it's like out there; my sister's travelling in the US with her family for 4 weeks (they started in NY and are now in CA) as I type this.

How nice it must have been for you to see your son and his girlfriend, how often do you get to see each other? Only two/three generations between us and WWI, 100 years ago how distant that seems.
That truck seat sure is something else!!
my comment is apparently dotted with the notion of 'distance', I saw a documentary about the artist David Hockney last night, who pointed out that you don't have to be in a certain place, you can imagine you're there....this was whilst they were discussing the subject of perspective or point of view in the most literal sense as he was painting several canvasses 'en plein air' together they form a view of the landscape, an overall view one couldn't see whilst painting, therefore one had to imagine it....anyway I have strayed from the path, not too far but still

bye Nancy and thanks for the journey;-)

Marti said...

Nancy, I can commiserate with your sunflowers only in my case, it's our tomatoes...lots of green leaves, a few blossoms and a tomato or two the size of a jelly far, that's it. Not sure what is the cause as we had plenty of tomatoes last year, our first year in New Mexico. I do have 4 sunflowers out of many planted, squirrels ate most of them as they were coming up. I like to plant the autumnal variety, love the rusty reds, oranges and maroon colors.

Morro Bay was always a stop when we would travel from northern CA to visit family in southern CA.

Big Sur is one of my most favorite places in CA. The first time we stopped at Nepenthe for coffee at Big Sur was magical. Sitting outside to sip our coffee and taking in the majestic view made me feel like I was in a wonderful movie, not hard to do when you are all of 18 and come from a tiny central CA town!

Looking forward to the rest of your photos.

Jessica T said...

Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great time! Love those guys!

BadAye TwhichAye said...

Hi Nancy! I am finding you by way of a comment you replied to on Grace's blog. I have had the email notification open for a month :O (hahahahahha) I thought I had replied! Well I am happy to find my way here instead :)
Hope you are having a GREAT trip!


Nancy said...

Oh Saskia~ I hope you DO get to see it one day! Such raw beauty...and so much to explore. Wait til I get to the hike'll love 'em. Yes, not that long ago...but this grandfather I never knew, as he died when my mama was 11.

Marti~ My neighbor's sunflowers are so tall they are growing up into the willow tree they are planted under! I don't know what happened over here. I've planted those 'fall' sunflowers too...I like the untypical look of them. Same neighbor has pale, pale yellow ones. So, you know Big Sur too :) I know I am not alone in my love, but then why do I feel like it is 'my' place?! Haha

Jessica~ Thanks for coming by for a look. The boy has some good pics too :) We love those guys too!

Twhich~ So nice to see you over here :)

Anonymous said...

what an incredibly thoughtful legacy!

Nancy said...

Dee~ I agree!