Friday, May 2, 2014

Birthday/Anniversary Post day late!

OK folks, I'm late to my own party here.

First Missed Event

First of all, my birthday is now a month passed.
I kinda forgot to do my post.  Ooops!
But, then I decided to do it anyway.
Because...why not?!!!

So, Happy Belated Birthday to ME!
As my guy said...
I'm now "half a century plus five"!
Now doesn't that sound old?!  Haha

So, let's play the game again as in previous years.

5 Things About Me

1. I am obsessed with 'tiny houses'.  
Of course if you are also my Face Book friend, you may know that already!
I want to have little and live small and quiet.

2. I really, really wish I had the talent to play the guitar.  
But, I'm not willing to try to learn again.  I didn't do too well with that as a teen!

3. The first musical I ever saw was "Oklahoma!" in a theater in the round.
I was fascinated watching them change the sets with dimmed lights.
At one point, real horses came down the aisle!  I will never forget it.
I was three years old.

4. I am not athletic and have no patience for games.  
But, I was a great tether ball player, I could last forever on the 'rings' - swinging round and round and round, I was lightening fast at the card game "spit" and people (including my own children) refused to play the board game "Othello" with me because I never lost!

5. I love my gray hair.  I've never dyed my hair and never will.
I earned this gray baby!

If you want to play, leave 5 things about you in the comments.
If you've played before and are running out of 5 things...
I understand.  I am too!  So, this may be a short three year tradition!

April Selfie!
So, there you have it.
Me, celebrating another birthday!

Number Two Missed Celebration

I also missed my Blog Anniversary yesterday (May 1st).
Oh well.
Let's celebrate that now, shall we?!

Yesterday was the THREE YEAR mark for pomegranate trail!
I can't believe how the time flies.
On the other hand, I feel like I've been here forever!
I would again like to thank all who have joined me in this adventure.
I am so grateful for your participation and friendship.

Again, I will be doing a give away.
If you want to enter for a chance to win something...
AND you don't mind it arriving via Slow Time,
leave your name in the comments.

Michelle won for my first year give away.
I sent her this.
Yvette won for my second year give away.
But, poor Yvette has been waiting this whole year for her special package.
I apologize for my slowness...
but I have let her know she has been thought of all year as I stitch (on and off) and more!

If YOU win, you will be getting something cloth, and something else.
That's all the hints you get for now.

I will draw a name next Friday, May 9, 2014.
Stay tuned...

Thanks for celebrating with me!
Sincerely, Nancy

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


Marti said...

Nancy, belated birthday greetings,
Thank you for having this blog so we can keep meeting.
Congratulations on 3 years of blogging at pomegranate trail,
May you continue your wonderful sharing,without fail!
A treasure made by your hand via a give away,
Is truly special, I must say.

Now 5 things about me:

1. Marti is my nickname, Juanita is my legal name.

2. Favorite color is green.

3. Dance is my release, especially love to let go at festivals and fairs but have been known to dance around my house at all hours just for the joy of it.

4. Mother of twins, grandmother of twins.

5. I'm 60 + 6 and have been married 44 years.

Ms. said...

Well you most certainly made up for lost time gal1 Happy happy and congratulations., It's been a pleasure and I look forward to more of the same in days and months to come BUT TEAKKY, you ain't THAT old and I love my few silver strands and wish mine would turn white quick. I also am an insomniac, or to be more precise--I seleep in two to three hour stretches over a period of twenty four hours. I'm a 'napper' and I get about enough sleep if allowed to follow my rhythms. I love the sound of the mourning dove and the first Robin, also the hours pre-dawn to about 7Am. I have a weakness for 'Digestive Biscuits", and sometimes sleep with a bear called "Teddy'. Is that five? Slea alive, I think I've exceeded the limit! No entry for me please, much as I love your gifts, I mustn't have one more 'thing' in my house this year. REALLY. I'm on a mission. Good fortune to the fortunate winner.

jan said...

Hi Nancy. Happy Birthday...even belatedly. Love the weaving. Jan.

Debbie said...

Happy belated birthday and anniversary. I love giveaways so count me in please.

jude said...

i see weaving.

deanna7trees said...

happy belated birthday. i like celebrating every day, so extending the celebration is right up my alley.

saskia said...

hi Nancy, happy belated birthday and anniversary greetings to you; have just come back from a short trip to Morocco with my family i.e. my parents, my sister and her family, my brother and his kids and the 4 of us: 14 in total (therefore absent in blog-world)
5 things about me:
1 I too love small houses - I might have mentioned this before and we happen to live in a small house
2 I love sun and heat and get to little of that in our own country
3 I love speaking French
4 I love my physical exercise, hence the long walks.....
5 I love and enjoy watching others do something they themselves enjoy doing

I would like to see what surprises you have in store for me and I believe sometime this year, or maybe next - no need to rush things - I actually will;-)

love Saskiax

Gill said...

Congratulations Nancy!! and belated birthday wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy everything, dear Nancy! This is always an uplifting place to visit, full of your spirit. 1. my family won't play banagrams w/me unless I beg. 2. I used to be a jock, it's all gone now. 3. I love the Betsy-Tacy books & read one every Dec. 4. my real name is just Cindy. mom thought I'd end up prissy if it was Cynthia. Guess it worked, but what a pain it's been. 5. I have a phobia about putting gas in cars.
Love to you.

Els said...

Happy belated birthday Nancy !!!
Lots more (quiet) years to come ;-)

Nancy said...

Marti~ Thank you! I like both of your names :) I always heard 'twins skip a generation'...not true? 44 is a special number with history over here! Congrats to you on both of your numbers!

Michelle~ Thank you! I don't think my gray will ever turn white. I think I would sleep like you if I was not a working gal! I respect your request for no entry this time.

Jan~ Thank you. I love this little loom :) I'll add your name (unless you tell me different)

Debbie~ Thank you. Got your name on the list!

Jude~ this little loom is often warped and going! I'll add your name (unless you tell me different)

Deanna~ Thanks, yes let's celebrate long! I'll add your name (unless you tell me different)

Saskia~ Thank you. Saw all of those palm trees on your blog...amazing! Quite the family vacation! I love seeing pics of your small house. My daughter is taking French next semester. I'm not big on exercise, but I like walks! Your name is on the list :)

Gill~ Thank you and thanks for stopping by here. I'll add your name (unless you tell me different)

Cindy~ Thanks friend. I've never played banagrams, but gave it to my son one year. My daughter and I have been Betsy-Tacy fans. When my mom worked at the store, it was reissued and my daughter was the perfect age to gobble them up! I hated putting gas in my car for a long time, not a phobia, just unreasonably uncomfortable to do it. My son did it for me for a long time, then I got brave.

Els~ Thank you...yes I'm liking the quieting of the years now. I'll add your name (unless you tell me different)

yvette said...

hihi...yvette waits another year because
1 she has patience
2 she loves dogs
3 she loves gray hair too
4 she is older than you
5 she loves blogging

you happy you i love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Nancy! I love your gray hair and I'm glad you do too.

1) I was christened Deidre but when I was around 8 my mother legally changed my name to Deirdre.
2) I turned 20 in Dublin.
3) My house is more than 200 years old and was a barn (carriage house is too fine a term), then an orphanage, before being converted to a house.
4) My husband and I met when we were four.
5) My mother died one month before my second son was born of cancer. At one point we were both craving grapefruit.

Nancy said...

Yvette~ Yay! Here you are again :) I've finished your gift and just have to get it in the mail! I am grateful that you have patience! Did you want your name added again Yvette?

Dee~ Wow your house history is fascinating! Since you were 4, eh?!! Wow again :) My ex-inlaws knew each other since they were babes on their mamas' laps. Amazing. I'll add your name (unless you tell me different)

Velma Bolyard said...

wow, this was a lot of fun!

Nancy said...

Velma~ Glad you think so! I will add you to the list :)