Monday, May 26, 2014

A Post

I'm going to give this a try.
I haven't posted recently, except eloquently in my head as I commute.
My reasons are varied and valid.
I have something and nothing to say.
Things are small and too big.

My time is limited and I have been spending it on FB, both keeping up with people in my physical world and those online friends who are over there too.  I've been trying to clear clutter by selling.  Not really going great lately.  Oh well.

But, mostly...everything with my computer takes so so so long to do.  I think the problem is both the computer and the connection.  Double whammy.
So I get frustrated and quit.  Besides the slowness (connection and too much stored on hard drive probably)...I get the spinning wheel of death constantly.  I get the 'stop script' message constantly.  I have to force quit and begin again...a lot.  If I type to fast (hardly possible with my skills) - it freezes or my cursor jumps into a completely different place, which I of course don't notice as I type merrily along!  Then I pause for a moment and AHHHHH...what is all of this gibberish??!!
Sigh...fix it up.

The numeral 6 often doesn't work on the first try.
Things get highlighted and moved at will, just not mine!

A new computer is not in the picture right now, so I will have to see if those 'geniuses' can work their magic soon!

So, there you have it.  If I don't post or comment'll know why.
And if you're on FB...say hello there!  That seems to be all my distracted shallow brain can handle right now!!  Haha

Now for a post that is not just whining!
Well maybe.
Happy photos and current events = LIFE.

One yellow rose from Teacher Appreciation week, along with one red rose from out front.

I was all set to post a poetic, beautiful post near the last full moon.
But, along with the computer issues...
My friend's husband recently passed away.
Although he'd been sick, his passing was sudden and not expected.
And sad.

He was 2 months older than me.

Wrapped in copper wire and into the little brass pot

This has been a hard year for health and life and death.
It's May.

And a few extra petals added

After attending his funeral, yet another funeral...
the next day wast the local
American Cancer Society - Relay for Life.
I met some friend's there.
We walked in the candlelight in honor, memory and hope for many.
I'll post about that another day.

And some onion peels too!  Dreamy.
Last week, one co-worker's brother was diagnosed with cancer...
while another co-worker began the care, concern and juggle of her mother's ill health.

One week later...muck

I have friends in the Isla Vista area.
I used to work up that way.

I know someone who taught the shooter as a child.
Too close for comfort.
These shootings can happen anywhere at any time.
That is so scary to me.
Especially since the reasons seem to be...
seem to be...
to unworthy of causing so much pain.

It is overwhelming to think of all the children we care for...
try to help...
or don't even know to help.

Out of the dye pot

Today my sister's family had to send off their ill 15 year old dog.
15 years of loving and living with a dog is a long time.
Charlie will be missed.

And beautiful
 May tomorrow bring better days,
for my friends, family and co-workers.
For us all.

Lavender and rosemary infused
 So, a few hours later...
you've got this.
A post about dying and life.
Pretty much as it should be, yes?

Also, I got a message from Yvette...
she got her gift!!!!  Yay!
I will post about that soon.

Plus, I've already been working on Els gift too!

Have a nice week everyone.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nancy. Yes, it doesn't seem to get any easier and the lessons we must learn are many and humbling. And yet, our blessings are many. Lovely bit of dyeing you did. May you find peace and joy upon your path.
best, nadia

Ms. said...

first--from Terri Windlings blog this morning:
"You can have the other words –- chance, luck, coincidence, serendipity. I’ll take grace. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’ll take it." - Mary Oliver

Second--If it's about life, it's about death. If it's about death, it's about life. My old heart feels heavy often, and often light too. I feel for all you've said, and with all you've felt dear heart. Be assured that 'grace' (whatever that is) descends when the limits been reached.

Third--about the spinning wheel...I have just gone in to my archived emails over the last three days and page by page 'bulk' deleted them from 16,000 down to 7000, starting with the oldest. Then I emptied my trash. Things have sped up and the pop up has not reappeared yet. I intend to delete more in this way over the next few days. It's easier than I thought. Also have taken huge clumps of others photos in my photo files and deleted them, and will continue going into those files one folder at a time and do more of that, saving what's good if I can. It's easier than I thought.

Lastly. I am sending you love and gratitude for being the you you are. Fear not. Keep on keeping on. You are so worth every effort.

Marti said...

The see-saw of life sometimes comes at us when all we can do is maintain but that's how it is; there are always going to be times when the tilt has us dangling.

What came to me in looking at your beautiful dyed cloth is the infusion of lavender and rosemary, one for calm, one for remembrance. Your choice of these herbs to infuse your cloth, happenstance? planned? doesn't really matter. What does is that by using them, it was an instinctive way to regain the balance of your days and this is a fine way to do so.

Tammy said...

Hi Nancy,

I haven't commented or read posts too much anymore. But today I happened over here to see what you came up with in your dye pot. Turned out beautiful. Sorry to hear of all your loss lately and about your computer. For a pc sometimes your temporary internet files get so full that can slow things down. Look for internet tools to delete temp. files. Also if you save images on your desktop or have a lot of files on your desktop try putting them in a folder in your documents folder. Anyway .. just some suggestions. We share some similarities in life. Sending you a dose of goodness and peace. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Nancy, I remember a time like this for us, a couple of years ago, when so many, too many were touched by illness and violence. I hope you and yours are being surrounded by the softness of those beautiful petals and cloth. xo

Nancy said...

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful, insightful and kind comments...who says online friendships aren't 'real'?!!!

each of you being who you are has enriched my life beyond measure. Thank you.