Sunday, April 6, 2014

Unrelated, But Not Really

Some things that may appear unrelated,
are really strung together by one thread.
They are my life.
The look of my days.
People and places woven together over time.

For that reason only,
I present them here today.

I've added stitching to the earth section of the cloth.
I'm currently in the trees section of the same cloth.

I can't wait to be done with this, so I can share the whole of it!

I've been wearing these each day.
I've loved adding this beautiful gift to my word "flow" and my 'namaste' ring.
They are the the creation of Rachel over at Hands Free Mama.
If you've not read any of her work, you may want to.  She makes sense.

While I do whatever it is that I do...
He's been doing this.
Making an electric guitar out of an 
old cruddy computer desk and other scrappy stuff.
It's already much further along.
He can play it now!

Together, we joined friends and family in the celebration
of our dear friends 90th birthday!

My sister and I with our "Ladies" 
Dear friends of my parents for more years than I can whole life really.
Family really.
My Mama was there in spirit, part of the poster board of friends!
Everyone missed her being there to celebrate along with us.

Happy Birthday!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


Ms. said...

A beautiful post dear Nancy.
Everything is connected.
That's the hard part,
maybe the best part.

saskia said...

love to you, love seeing your smile, we're connected;-)

Anonymous said...

This post is a true celebration.

Anonymous said...

what a good time of year to be stitching the 'earth part'

Marti said...

Connections of cloth, people, spirit, memories; it's about love and life and the ability to share what is meaningful. By sharing all of this with us Nancy, you make each of us feel a part of the whole and that is a very good feeling to embrace. Thank you.

Peggy said...

A beautiful 90-year-old woman standing tall like a tree rooted in the earth. And your stitches flowing into earth. Love this post! xoxo
And that guitar is pretty cool, too. ;)

Nancy said...

Michelle~ I agree. Hard & best. I thrive on connected.

Saskia~ We sure are!

Cindy~ There is always much to celebrate.

Dee~ Yes, the earth. We just saw "Noah" and the earth scene towards the end was really something!

Marti~ I love how you write, think and be. Have I told you this before?

Peggy~ 90 years is something, yes?! I'll have to post the finished guitar...he loves it!