Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Drive ~ Wildflowers and More

Today we took a Sunday Drive.
Kind of like a Sunday Hike, but with a lot more sitting!
This worked out well for a few reasons.
My low pressure tire gauge needed to be reset, which includes holding down a button and then, with that done, then driving more than a few miles, at faster than slow speed.

OK, then.  Did that.
Let's hope it worked.
I'll find out tomorrow when I commute.

It was also a good plan as things at work have been busy recently.
So a relaxing drive sounded nice.

So, buckle up and let's hit the road!
As always, click on photos to enlarge. 

We first stopped at the Vista del Lago Visitor Center, which overlooks Pyramid Lake.
There is so much 'water' related information there.  Lots to learn.

I went here once, to learn to water ski.
I didn't.
I stink at this type of activity.

Then, we headed up the highway in search of spring wildflowers...

But, first we had to do a quick fix on the breaking sun visor. 
Good thing I had some yarn and scissors in the car!!

There they are!  Lots and lots of California Poppies!

Mr. Crow (Raven? I never can tell!) sits in the wind.

There he goes.  Look at those cute feet!

Doesn't this one (above) look like a painting?

Lousy photograph of a hawk swooping over us.
He was a beauty.
Can you see him there under the power lines? (middle of the pic)

 In the distance, snow on the mountain.

Soon we come across an old rock wall and building foundation to explore.

Rusty Sun
The road heading out.
A big mystery box!
On our way out of the mountains, we see evidence of recent fires.  
Miles and miles of blackened skeletons, looking so surreal.
We stop to see these beautiful sweet smelling yellow flowers, 
which line the road everywhere.

I wish you could feel the breeze, smell the flowers...the air.

Soon, we see an amazing formation in the distance!
Do you see it?
Let me zoom in...

And a view of Castaic Lake.

What a beautiful day for a Sunday Drive!
Thank for coming along :)

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


Anonymous said...

Oh, the poppies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, Yes, the yellow flowers are beautiful and smell wonderful but.... but so sorry, they are the scourge of the's broom ! Check it out on Google. The fields of poppies were glorious. Judith of N. CA

Peggy said...

Wow! You live in such a beautiful area -- I heard on the news that it was heating up in CA -- it's cool and WINDY here. xo

Anonymous said...

and the skies!

you are so funny "Like hiking but with a lot more sitting"

Nancy said...

Cindy~ YES! Beautiful poppies!

Judith~ Thank you for stopping by the trail and leaving new information for me! I'll have to check ti out.

Peggy~ Yes, it has been in the mid-to-high 90's! And it's spring! This is about 45 minutes from my place.

Dee~ I'm one who likes sitting (I fight that all the time).