Monday, February 3, 2014

Flow & Earth

 January has skipped by already
landing me in early February
and sick again.

It's OK, this happens.
I'm quite familiar with the scenario after a lifetime with asthma.
Still, I wish it wasn't so.

So in this new year, some things remain the same
and some things change, evolve or surprise me anew!

At the winter solstice celebration/meditation I attended,
two words jumped out at me.
The first one was "flow".
This is word that speaks to me as I always seem to aspire to
have the ability to relax and go with the flow (as cliche as that sounds).
I strive to 'flow' into letting some things go.

I rolled this word around in my head a lot.  Embraced it.

Later in the evening the word "forgiveness" 
(of yourself and others)
spoke to me.
Forgiveness is an important word.

Flow into Forgiveness.

Something to think of in 2014.

I've taken to writing 'flow' on my hand where I will see it all day long.
It's keeping the ideas front and center for me.

I like this much better than the past years when I have Chosen a word and then promptly forgotten to give it any attention at all by this time in the year.

Flow came to me and seems to be sticking around (so far).

Looks more brownish/rust in real life

I've got the "Earth" cloth out again.
You may remember meeting it way back here:

I dug it out of a pile and Grand Plans for a square a month.
A square of something a month.
Then connecting them all together into an even grander THANG!!!

But alas, this is not my style.
But, I have sewed the last square of the 9 patch section, 
and now have three rows of three.

We'll just call that January!
Apricot tree thinks its spring!

I've been busy trying to finish "the cloth" and it looks like that won't be too far off.
It is lumpy, wrinkled, layered unevenly
and tells a great story!
It 's a nice one to hold and explore.

Traveling Wishes

My friend's son is going through chemo right now.
He's had days that are good, fair. or bad.
He's gone back into the hospital and come home again.
You can follow him on FB at "Team Christopher".
You will find a dashing young man in a bright blue shirt with
a smile to melt your heart.
A young man with 863 FB 'likes' (as of this writing)...
a love of model trains & his iphone...a large loving family ~ plus some...
days of walks and meltdowns too.
This is what it looks like to settle into a fight with cancer when you're 12.
Please continue to think of this family and this brave young man.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


deanna7trees said...

sorry you are once again suffering with asthma. hope you will be feeling better soon. we start projects and they get lost in the shuffle and find their way back to us eventually. just keeping busy is good enough. sending good thoughts for Christopher's recovery.

Ms. said...

Hey sweetie...maybe cut a branch off the Apricot and sprout it in the house to discourage all negative effects of seasonal distress. I'm still healing too. Todays storm and the two right behind it has me hunkering down indoors with only scant necessary sojourns out appropriately swathed in fleece layers. Much love to you.

Peggy said...

Hi Nancy, "flowing into forgiveness" reminds me -- there's that song "the river is flowing, flowing and growing, the river is flowing, back to the sea." A journey into wholeness where all is as it is meant to be. And a January nine-patch sounds perfect. Thinking of Christopher, he's the teacher now. xoxo

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Thank you for the well wishes. I like your idea about things getting lost in the shuffle & being busy is enough. Except I would say that HowEver you do it is enough, busy slow...whatever!

Michelle~ It's so nice to see you back! That's a good idea about the tree, but my asthma usually stems from illness, not allergies. But, You stay warm!

Peggy~ Ooh, I like this song of yours! And he IS the teacher now, yes? Your deep understanding helps.

Tonight as I answer here, Christopher is back in the hospital. It is such a roller coaster for him and his family.

jenclair said...

There are few things better than being "in the flow." Being in the moment, able to accept things as they are, and able to adapt. It is the feeling I get when totally involved with something creative, and I love that you are striving to bring that feeling into more of your life. Maybe I will write it on my hand, too. A "handy" reminder.

Hope you feel better soon, Nancy.
And good thoughts to Christopher are on the way.

Deb said...

I'm sorry you are ailing..but I had to laugh when I first saw your hand and thought it said "flour" hand always says "cat food" or "cheese"...

rest and get better..

Nancy said...

Jenclair~ Yes, a 'handy' reminder! For me, at this point, 'flow' is more than creative flow, it's flowing with life...not swimming upstream! I keep picturing a favorite river. Thanks for your well wishes, especially those for Christopher.

Deb~ Ha!! I love that! "flour"...thanks for the big smile :)

saskia said...

sorry to hear you are ill again....feeling healthy and well is one of the most important things in everyday life (another cliche I know) I admire your ability to accept being ill so often, I have far less thinking of young brave Christopher and his family, how very hard it must be for them.

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Thanks. I'm slowly feeling better :) I have to accept comes with my work!

Thank you for keeping Christopher in your thoughts. That means a lot to me and his family too.

roz said...

i so understand the christopher story..these are hard days for him and for his loved ones.
flow is the thing. to allow. to receive. to give over the power even ? and just go.

Nancy said...

Roz~ Flow seems to be so important in so many way, yes? Thank you for your understanding.

Anonymous said...

flow and forgiveness seem like such natural and powerful partners... the fact the word flow is staying with you rather than being quickly forgotten suggests its potency? hope the breathing is flowing... and so sorry for the suffering of your friend.

Nancy said...

Dee~ Yes, they do seem to go together well. Flow is still me...
Thank your for your thoughts for Christopher and his family.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Nancy..i don't do facebook, so
i very much appreciated your
update here.

Nancy said...

Grace~ thank you for your comment. I always remember that you are not on FB and that's why I email you some of my cool discoveries :)
I've not been posting here as often lately, it seems.