Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Day Walk - Not a Sunday!

New Year's Day was a beautiful sunny day for taking a hike.
With football looming in his viewing future, we opted for a short hike at
I have gone to this park for various events and adventures for close to 30 years.
I've been there 12 out of the past 13 years for our local pow wow, a favorite for me.
I took my children & grandson there to see the animals and the old train and houses of Heritage Junction.  In fact, many years ago, when my children were in grade school, we happened to visit the park on a day when workers were busy making some Adobe bricks to add to the ones saved from the old Mitchell schoolhouse.  I'll always fondly remember watching those men mix the Adobe with their bare feet!  What a great learning experience that was!
If you want to learn more about William S. Hart, you can start with this link or Google for more information.  There is even a video clip at the park with our favorite Huell Howser.

This day we went specifically to see the herd of American Bison, 
which after all these years I'd never seen!  

 Come along and walk with us...

Windmill on the path

A place to rest in the sun

There they are, feeding on the hillside!

There are 13 in the herd at this time

They're big animals!

Really big!  And golden in the sun :)

A gift from Walt Disney, because everyone gives a heard of bison as a gift!

After a long view of the magnificent animals and 
a friendly chat with the park employee feeding them, we continue 
up the hill to the "Mansion" otherwise known as the museum.
It was closed for the holiday, but there was much to explore outside around the buildings.


Lines and Patterns

Crows & Seagulls
~click to enlarge all photos~

 As we stood on the top of the hill, observing the view, a flock of crows going to my left...momentarily merged with a flock of seagulls heading to my right.  It was hard to get a picture before they were gone.

Comfy chairs on the porch

The artistry of porch posts



 The trail below loops around the hills, following the area the bison roam.  It is about a 5 mile hike.  We hope to do this hike soon.

One trail

I declare 2014 the Year of Us!

 Before we head home, we stop to visit all of the animals. 
There are a variety of birds, ducks, pigs, potbelly pigs, a deer,
 the biggest cow I've ever seen and these guys!

I noticed their 'lines' this day.
The curved line on the horse's face and the beautiful black line on the little donkey.
After hanging out with Jude all these years, everything looks like stitch to me!

Hello There!

We will be going back for more hiking here.
There are a couple of other trails that lead off of the main paved one.
They look worth exploring.  And there is that loop too.
We also hope to go back soon when the museum is open.
For now, I'm glad you could come along with me!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


Cathie said...

Happy New Year Nancy!
I loved this post. I don't know if you read my New Year's post when visiting, but I too, declared 2014 the year of "us," or rather a year of "learning to BE just us." We are getting ready to leave in the Spring for a month long journey out to Arizona /New Mexico (your pictures are reminiscent of that.) The Four Agreements is very profound. ALL of Ruiz's books are profound and steeped in Tolec wisdom. I am off now to see about the other book you mentioned Women who run with Wolves. Sounds interesting.
I look forward to seeing what your "year of us" uncovers.

Nancy said...

Cathie~ Thank you and yes I had read your similar declaration! Enjoy your journey out to AZ & NM...beautiful country, to be sure. I don't know that anything much will be uncovered...but we'll see.

Peggy said...

A beautiful day you had, Nancy! I love the tree trunk and the horses, those alone would be worth a hike. The year of us is nice. I'll have to think about that one.

handstories said...

Bison!?!? Why!?!?! But very cool that you were able to see them.

Nancy said...

Peggy~ I love those tree trails :) Us is nice.

Cindy~ That was my thought too! Yes, I was glad they were close to the path, not always the case I hear.

Velma Bolyard said...

it's so warm here!

AKW said...

Nancy, this is a great post. It makes me want to go out there and walk around! Maybe we can all do that one day. Great pictures too.

Nancy said...

Velma~ I know!! A far cry from your neck of the woods, eh?!!

Amy~ Your friend inspire me to finally 'just do it'!