Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stitching Growth, Saying Good-bye and Thanks and Continuing

Today I stitched 'growth' on the cloth.
It came to me that this was a good time for some of that.
End of the year, beginning of the new year.
End of my beloved class with Jude Hill, at least for now.
But, maybe forever.

So, then, Growth it is.
As the old quote states:
"There are two things you give your children, 
one is roots and the other is wings".

Today, that was the thought...
that Jude has given us all such a great foundation to go off and create with.

However, more than techniques, tips and stitches,
she has given us inspiration, community and 
the ability to throw open the doors and windows and see the world with
an expanded vision.

We have gained friendships, memories and insights
from Jude and from one another.
Our lives have been enriched beyond description.

We have been silly, serious and sad.
We have shared life's joys and sorrows.

Many have lost loved ones, both two and four legged,  in their personal circles and
we all lost one in our large tribe in the world of Spirit Cloth, Dear Herm.

 We have embraced one another in these tender moments.

We have embraced one another in the moments of joy 
as new lives were welcomed, both human and goat!
Or chuckled when conversations turned ridiculous in wine filled wee hours.

We have shared stitching and stories.
We have shared ourselves.

We have learned.
We have grown.

Our lives are better for having traveled this way together.
We will continue 'just going'.

My deepest heartfelt thanks to Jude for her generosity in sharing  herself and for creating this amazing community.
To all of the clothmates I've met along the way, 
each one of you has been a blessing in my life.
I am grateful.
I couldn't wish for any more than this.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


yvette said...

this is such a beautiful way to express the feelings about it all!
you name all of us and a goat, the giggles and the tears
thank you
thank you thank you

Ms. said...

I think the past tense is premature. I mean, Jude may depart for the holidays and things there seem to be about change, and big changes. As Grace pointed out, the archives give us the ability to look back to the beginning, to review it all. The community will not end either. But your tribute is very beautiful.

Lynda Merry said...

Such perfect words that say it all so beautifully.

Nancy said...

Yvette~ I'm so glad to have met you in this world of cloth!

Michelle~ yes, maybe premature, but it is how I am feeling. Yes, we can visit the archives, but they are not in real time and so that is different. And I sincerely hope the community continues...or that Jude has a trick up her sleeve for us, but for now this change feels powerful to me. I am so lucky to have met you Michelle in New York City!
Lynda~ Thank you...and thank you for being a big part of it all!

jude said...

this was sweet, thank you, and Herm, just thinking of her today as the sun rose.

Debbie said...

I think this is a lovely post, unfortunately I have not had the time or recently the energy to follow Jude's trail but hope to pick it up next year. For those of us who will be starting anew next year I hope the comments and the community will stay in touch.

deanna7trees said...

well said, but life is all about change. and who knows what waits in the wings for us all. we all have been lucky to meet each other and interact in this world of the internet. i'm guessing that there are even more wonderful things ahead.

saskia said...

well and truly said Nancy, and I too hope we will stay in touch, although 'things' will be different without the mothership (as Grace puts it) but who knows indeed what she keeps up her sleeve...

Deb said...

Your post makes me wish I was any kind of participator.

Els said...

You brought tears to my eyes too Nancy !!!
All só true !


(I really missed not being "there" the last couple of months ....)

Nancy said...

Jude~ It's been a sweet far! And thank you...and you're welcome.

Debbie~ That's the beauty of this world of Jude's, we all follow along in our own way. I know I missed a lot this time around too, but I can go back to it :)

Deanna~ I do rather like the little shake up causing me to wonder what, if anything, is next I think you are much better at change than I am!

Saskia~ I know we will stay in & your space are a touchstone for me :)

Deb~ Well, I believe some of your cloth has been along the way, let's count that.

Els~ Tears can be a good thing, they show that something matters.

Suzanna said...

This is a wonderful tribute...these classes have meant so much to me...

Nancy said...

Suzanna~ yeah, me too. Thank you for your kind words.

beth from still life pond said...

So beautifully said. Thank you for that. The journey goes on. Maybe different but still just going.

Nancy said...

Beth~ Thank you for stopping by the trail and leaving your kind comment. And yes, still just going...

stickyfingers said...

you have expressed what spending time at spirit cloth has meant to me, thank you

and thank you also for the reminder of herm - i see cranes everywhere now and they always make me think of her

....but as others have said, the forum goes on and so will we

Peggy said...

Nancy, thank you -- you've put it into words. I've missed so much of these last months of Jude's classes, sadly. Always playing catch-up. I seem to take on more than I can properly take part in. But I, too, am forever grateful for the community that Jude caused to take form. Forever. xo

Nancy said...

Stickyfingers~ I am so glad that I was able to express this well. You are most welcome! Yes, we will go on...

Peggy~ I've missed more this last year than all the previous years combined! It get like that I guess. I'm forever grateful for Jude's community, otherwise I would have great folks like you in my life!

MulticoloredPieces said...


Nancy said...

Nadia~ :)

Mo Crow said...

namaste Nancy

handstories said...

Oh, Herm. Who could've ever imagined this community?

Nancy said...

Mo~ :)

Cindy~ Who indeed? It is beyond amazing.