Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seeing Stars, Winter Solstice and One Heart

Everywhere I looked this week, I saw stars.
Tonight on this Winter Solstice, continuing with December's 
"wishes and stars"...
I wish you all much light and love and a basket full of wishes upon a star to come true!

Now, for a few of those stars...

I found this paper-thin dried tomato out in the back forty.
I love the lacy look and the fact that there are tiny seeds inside, which make a great soft rattle when I shake the tomato.

*As always click on photos to enlarge*

When I turned it over...a star!

Driving to work last week...wait...what's that?

Do you see it?
Not easy at 45MPH!

Yep. another star!

A few days later...

Hey, more stars...bright red ones!

Upon stopping to make a photo of them I notice more!

A pretty tacky star...a flower star, 
both of which actually looked pretty cool when lit up on my dark drive home.

There were so many holiday light stars on the way home last night.
Everywhere I looked, I saw another one!

Yesterday, a co-worker wore a star shirt she created on a whim.
Evidently her shirt was stained, so she took a marker and 
colored a huge star on it to cover up the stain and then added a few
smaller stars as well!

Last star in this week of stargazing was noticed right next to me 
on the end table next to my side of the couch...
a star from my dear Michelle in NYC.

I wonder where I'll find stars next week?!!

May you look to the stars and dream.
May your heart hold much love and peace through this Solstice Season.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


Ms. said...

So, THIS is what it means to be "seeing stars" My dear Nancy across the country. May your good wishes for us and for yourself come true.

saskia said...

yay to all the Lucky Stars!

and yay to the return of the light

thank you Nancy for sharing all you notice on your drives, long walks and at home, the small, the big and the everything in between things

love Saskia

Marti said...

Coming here the day after Winter Solstice, feels like the quiet joys of the coming of the light simply continues. Of all of the stars you have shown Nancy, I love that you took the time to hold that dear little tomato and see with a depth that transcends... When we take the time to quiet down and truly look, what gifts we receive. Thank you for this one.

jenclair said...

I love the idea of discovering stars and photographing them. My favorite--that lacy tomato!

Mo Crow said...

what a beautiful post full of starlight for the longest night!

deanna7trees said...

i guess it's that time of year when all the stars come out and so many wishes abound. i love your lacy fragile and delicate. hope all your wishes come true. my wishes have been granted and i consider myself quite fortunate. i am very thankful.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ thank you & may yours come true as well.

Saskia~ Yes, Yay for the light! I am honored to share my journey with you and thrilled to see your part of the world, through your eyes, too :)

Marti~ You're so welcome. Yes, "Simply continues"...I love that little tomato :)

Jenclair~ I'm seeing them everywhere!

Mo~ Yes, starlight :) Thanks Mo.

Deanna~ Yes, it is that time of year for sure! I, of course, thought of you - my lace friend when I found the tomato. I am thankful for all I have too. It's good to pause and remember that, yes?

Peggy said...

Nancy, I wish you the very same. Love, Peggy

Nancy said...

Peggy~ :)