Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Hike with a Warning

WARNING:  Today's Sunday Hike did not capture the natural beauty I usually desire.  Today's hike was near a bustling freeway at an old deserted oil refinery.  I've hiked there once before and didn't expect to return.  It was in the Hope post.  We didn't pass by that wall today.
But there was a view he wanted to show me, so off we went...

It's an old broken down paved road that leads the way in.

A giant mountain 'knob' (I call it) across the freeway.

I again notice the many locks in waiting.
This is beginning to really fascinate me and bring up questions.
Why so many locks?
Do they ever get used, say at nightfall?

This time I initially saw less Hope.
I saw desolation and destruction and debris left by man.
There was road trash from the highway. There was rusty stuff and off the road, an informal Paintball area (complete with forts to hide behind and piles of paintball trash left behind)

I saw some of what was left behind.

Left where they fell...and some stacked, by who?

I saw pasts that led to drop-offs and ruins.

I saw steps to nowhere

What once was lives on in this grand entrance to empty

This site had been cleaned up since our last visit, 
but there was still much left behind.
And it was dry, very dry.

The highway had light traffic...but it was still loud!

However, the sky was bright and I spied wildflowers sprinkled here and there.

And there were gates to go with the locks.
Gates easily walked around.
Gates created to be walked right through.
I wondered how much good they really do.

Gates with an army of locks, tucked in their 
Lock storage...Locker!

This hike left me wondering about coming and going...
about past and present...
about finding beauty where at first you do not see any.
And yes, I wondered if Hope was still there.

Upon arriving home, I discovered a 
rather battered crow feather right outside the front door.
This felt like a symbolic find for me today, 
so I placed it in the log near the door.

I know I'll be grateful to see it as I come and go.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013

~Note: In creating the link for the Hope post, I of course reread the post & comments and it was just what I needed tonight!  Finding Hope is always helpful.
~Also, when I got home my neighbor called me to ask if I knew who ruthlessly 'pruned' her pepper trees.  She planted them after the removal of the 5 trees I mentioned in the Hope post.  Odd coincidence.


Ms. said...

What a strange patch. Looks like earthquake history to me. But, you found beauty none the less, and the crow feather is a fine reminder that no matter how battered, life renews itself again and again.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yes it is a strange place, almost creepy at times. I worked hard to find that beauty. Lessons from the crow (feather)!

jenclair said...

As Wordsworth said, "we lay waste our powers." Civilization is remarkably messy and willing to leave that mess behind. I have to wonder about the steps, though, what happened to leave just steps and shrubbery?

Nancy said...

Jenclair~ Very messy. Beyond the steps is the outline of the foundation for this building (house?). Inside that is scattered wood and the cement pylon things that you attach the wood to. Those sit perfectly spaced as they were placed many years ago.
But I like the steps to nowhere image better!

Mo Crow said...

aaaarrrrrkkkkk! aaaaarrrrrkkkkkk! aaaaaaaaarrrrrrkkkkkkkkk!

Nancy said...

Mo~ (((smile)))

deanna7trees said...

'steps to nowhere'...but hope is everywhere.
have been missing some of your posts. not sure if it's blogger or i'm just not keeping up.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ I've found other steps to nowhere on the Northern coat of CA! Keep up however you like...but know that love seeing you here on a regular basis!! :)

saskia said...

all those locks got me wondering: maybe they (who?) forgot the code or perhaps the keys got lost and now no one can open them and they're like a reminder of past times, when others came to (un)lock the gates, anyways just wondering...and yet again I fall in love with your part of the world, the sense of space and sun so different to the wet, small crowded country I live in, beautiful in different ways and not always obvious; then again beauty isn't what matters really, it's the seeing and walking and breathing in the space I am, and depending on my mood (a fickle thing I admit) I might notice something I am able to enjoy or something that annoys me, I am very good at avoiding the latter - a waste of my energy - looking past as it were; a long comment, sorry got carried away a bit

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Somehow I missed responding to you. Mmmm...
Anyway, get carried away any way you like...I love having you journey with me :)