Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Considering Tradition

So, for the third Sunday in a row,
we went out into the world for a small hike.
Embracing nature feels so right lately.
Well, maybe not right...but very needed.

So as this time of year often inspires in me, I've been considering ideas around 'tradition'.
I have several old posts under the label of 'traditions',
but this is the one that came to mind when I was thinking about posting yet another walk in the hills, riverbed and such.
Do three Sundays make a tradition?
I'd like to think so.

This hike was North of the last two, in a point of the triangle kind of way.
There are extensive bike/walking trails throughout our valley.  
This location is on one of the trails!
We went there to investigate the Santa Clara riverbed that neither of us had been to in many years.  We also wanted to get a close view of the old railroad bridge. 
In those ways, it was very satisfying.
However, this location is along a major freeway and parts of it had a lot of trash.
It was also quite loud as the constant flow of traffic hummed by in the background.
Lastly, there is a lot of pavement, due to the bike paths.
Not the most relaxing, earthy get back to nature Sunday hike!

Anyway, here is some of what we saw.

As we get out of the car, we are greeted by the sweet, familiar smell of a local shrub.
This is the smell of my childhood camp experience.
It holds a special place in my heart.
It's in the fabric of who I am.

Welcome to the crossroads!

Across the bridge we go...

He finds an old cotter pin, a reminder of days gone by in this railroad area.

The riverbed is filled with ancient cottonwood trees.
They are a favorite tree of ours.
If you've never seen the way the leaves dance in the wind or heard the music they make, well, you've missed something special.
Cottonwoods remind us of the old west and areas north of us, the High Sierras.
They symbolize past histories, both ours and those of old movies, peoples of past decades and their lifestyles.
More traditions, perhaps?

Cottonwood leaf.  Do you see the face?
I didn't until I loaded it into the computer!

Bike/walking path ~ closer to civilization than we prefer. 
Look at all of those power lines!

We are very close to a local amusement park.
During part of our walk, I can hear the screams as 
visitors to the park ride the many roller-coasters!
This photo shows the main landmark tower at the entrance of the park.

Wen we walk under the freeway overpass, I notice another (as photographed on the first Sunday hike) collection of locks for a gate.
I again wonder at the quantity of locks needed.
This time they are stored inside a post.

The hill opposite the riverbed holds this beautiful old tree.
Everything, except the cottonwoods, is brown and dry.
Dead short grasses.
Not my favorite terrain, but beautiful nonetheless.
I like the starkness in this photo.
It looks like a scene in an old movie!

We spy something cross the road in front of us as we cross 
the bridge on the way back to our car.
What could it be? (click on photo to enlarge)

There it is...a roadrunner!
Later we saw a second one as we drove away.

Thanks for joining me on another walk in the sunshine!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


saskia said...

love the pic with the year-in-reverse; oh even a walk close to the noise and civilisation is fun when unfolded by you, both in word and image; I guess it is a tradition of sorts, may you long continue and I will join from afar;-)

Ms. said...

'Meep Meerp"

handstories said...

A pretty little bridge, such different terrain than I'm used to seeing, and a real live road runner...I've only seen the cartoon kind- thanks.

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Yes, you could see the date forwards from a certain place. It is on an angle facing up. Why? We wondered that. I'm glad you're enjoying, I'll keep posting :)

Michelle~ ?

Deb G said...

I always like seeing different corners of the world. Thank you for sharing yours!

Nancy said...

Cindy~ I love bridges :) I used to see three cools ones on my old commute. Ya, they look different in real life.

Deb~ Me too. It's fun to see the locations of others!

jude said...

michelle beat me to the meep meep.

Nancy said...

Jude~ Ha! Now I get it! Duh :)