Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Color and Life

September color looks pretty much like August color around here.
Sky bright and hot.
But, now the sunflowers are showing their age.
Some hang so heavy that I have to hold the camera underneath and point towards the sky!

I've felt just this same way, so I can relate to the gals exhaustion!
I'm sick as I was in February.  Not quite as bad this time.  But still.
He's been sick too.
It's been a long couple of weeks.

I feel like I am mindless on the computer.
Trying to sell stuff.
Reading and admiring the works of others.
But not being to productive myself.

I guess there is a season for everything.
Turn Turn Turn

Our sunflower garden has gone nuts.
The sunflowers are becoming spent, while the volunteer elm trees take over.
The weird thing is that these elm suckers are covered and I mean Covered in flies!!
So, when I trek out in the heat, I'm greeted by a very loud buzzing.
It's very odd.

Spent sunflower with thriving elm tree sprouts

The gals are on their last leg!

Looking up while she hangs her head

She no longer stands up straight!

I love how the petals just hang there, totally spent!


Then I spy something I've never noticed...

A tiny red dot...what is that?
A bit of red color as Jude was talking about?
Let me look closer...

Ah, golden and red-golden sap!
I didn't even know that this happened to sunflowers.
Isn't that beautiful?!

He hasn't been able to get out there and keep the trees wacked back, so they are taking over everywhere that gets some water.  
I used a rake just to hold them back so I could fine and move the tomato and pepper pots!!

Almost ready
Needing more time

Other things around here share the garden's traits of 
feeling heavy and feeling bright and beautiful.

I came home a few weeks ago with a large box of papers, journals, bibles, documents and photographs that belonged to my aunt.  The box is stuffed with the history of my ex's family.  My general plan is to sort through it, saving some aside for my children and sending the rest (most of it really) off to my brother-in-law.
It's interesting, memory filled and I am grateful to have a chance to explore it all.
I just don't know how and when I will be up to it.
It's a heavy task, as it was to go through my own mother's things.
Now, the personal artifacts of this aunt and her mother (she didn't dispose of any of Grandma's belongings when she passed away years ago!)

I look at this box and think...a lifetime of living in one cardboard box.
Is that what a lifetime comes down to?
 I took two owls from her extensive collection, one for each of my children.  I took a basket for me, because it is pretty and useful.
This aunt of mine collected owls way before they were trendy, way back when I met her in 1976!  I still don't know why she liked them so much.
Time goes by.
It inspires me to continue with my own purging, so my own children will not have such a large task when the time comes.

So I pulled out this footstool today.  I'm ready to let it go.
top view
side view
 But first I will tell a bit of it's story.  I'm collecting the stories before the items go.

~ I have this little footstool. The needlepoint was done by my godmother's mother and given to me as a wedding present in 1979. She in fact had it made into this stool.  It's tiny really, measuring only 8 inches high and 12 inches across.   My best memory with this is rocking my infant son in his darkened bedroom, whilst in an antique press-back rocking chair with a green needlepoint seat, similar floral design. I rocked and rocked him and sang him a lullaby I'd made up. As I rocked, I rested my back on the white & red heart scalloped & crocheted edge baby quilt (some of you may remember seeing it in the Forum), which I kept folded up there. These are good memories of a special time so long ago. I was a young, twenty-one year old mama, just staring out in my much sought after life as a wife and mother.  He'll be 33 next week. A grown man.  I don't really need this little footstool anymore.

hearts side

The quilt as it looks after a wash with oxi clean!

I can barely find the yellow age spots, it looks so sharp!
Thanks for the tip Cathie!

white side

That's it for now.  I'll see ya'll further on down the trail...

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


Peggy said...

Hi Nancy, maybe in some weird but wonderful way, you can savor this slowing-down-time. Nature is guiding us, I feel it too. The next step for me this time of year is always to let go, let go, let go. Like the sunflowers just letting it all hang out. The box looks like an altar! And sweet memories of your babe. Hope you feel better. xo

deanna7trees said...

you're always so busy...and still purging. you are determined. wish i was that determined to get rid of things. i just think about it a lot and only manage to get rid of a little bit of stuff. sorry you're not feeling well again. so easy to catch things being around kids all day. wishing you well soon. take care of yourself. the rest can wait.

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Oh I am enjoying!! Well, not the sick part ;) It does look alter-ish, doesn't it?!! xo

Deanna~ This purging task never ends! Haha You get So Much creative stuff done though! Ya, those kids...

helen said...

Hey Nancy. I'm sorry you and your man are not feeling well. I always think it's our bodies giving us permission to slow down...which our minds, so often, do not allow us to do.

The dying sunflowers are as beautiful, in a different way, as they are in their prime...and aren't the birds going to be really happy soon :~)

What a great way to keep the memories without the clutter. I loved the story, and it painted a vivid image in my mind.

Take care of you x

Nancy said...

Helen~ Thank you for the well wishes and kind words. The guy ate the first sunflower seed we found today! Last Feb. we had them coming up all over the place! I guess the birds Had been busy :) Then a cold spell took them all out.
I'm glad you enjoyed this story.